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April 27, 2012

Fab 10 Friday!

We've been battling a virus this week, but I am thankful we've still had plenty of fabulousness at Casa de A&B.

1)      Ahead of the cold and wet weather that was due on Saturday, Friday was a beautiful day.  We decided to make an impromptu trip to Jackson’s Orchard when Daddy got home from school.  We were there by ourselves most of the time, and the girls had an absolute blast on their huge playground.  I think I counted 12 trips Mommy made down the “bumpy slide” [6 for each babe].  They could not get enough!  They loved climbing on the wooden tractors and pretending to steer, too.  We took a short walk down to a little pond, and we got to see tiny frogs jumping from the banks into the water…we walked all the way around the pond, the frogs jumping in just ahead of us.  It was so cool!

2)      At the orchard we bought a quart of beautiful strawberries.  Part we ate fresh, and part I put into a strawberry cobbler…the girls really loved that extra-special treat.

3)      On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a sweet four-year old little boy.  The girls were excited about going…but even more excited about seeing his nine-month old baby sister.  They were enamored to get to sit on the couch beside Baby Allie.

4)      And I could not get enough of seeing all the kiddos at the birthday party dressed in their pirate garb.  The girls played with it all afternoon, too.  They need to practice their “Aaargh!” though.  It sounds much more like your standard, “Ugh!

5)      We went downtown late Sunday morning, with the intention of taking the girls to a new restaurant.  We’d told them about it, and they were all excited.  But…even going early…there was a 30-minute wait.  I was so thankful the girls were so agreeable with a change in plans.  We let them pick another restaurant, and we still had a great lunch.

6)      For the past couple of years, we have been walking at least once a week, on average, with our neighbors.  Because of the weather and our different schedules, though, we haven’t walked together much at all these past few months.  We got in a walk on Monday.  It was great to catch up, and so amazing to realize how our wee ones are growing in comparison to each other.

7)      Baby A was checking out tummy one night.  Why do you have a belly button, Mommy?  I told her we all have belly buttons.  But not Daddy, right?  I told her yes, even Daddy.  But Daddy has a fluffy belly button,” she said.  Oh, my…belly laughs, for sure!

8)      I was getting dressed one morning, and I declared I would wear my butterfly shirt.  That’s a MOTH, Mommy!” Baby B shirked.  You’re right, Baby.  Mommy misspoke.  How do you know it’s a moth?  Because it has a bigger body.”  Guess I got schooled!

9)      It warms my heart when the girls ask to do a craft.  I think they’d be content with a craft every morning and afternoon!

10)   And my heart is even further warmed at the girls watching me make almost every meal this week.  They’ve smelled every spice, and sampled quite a few ingredients along the way.  It amazes me how patient [relatively speaking] they’ve been.  It’s such an awesome thing to experience the joys of cooking with them.

Hope you had a fabulous week, too!  

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Barbara Manatee said...

As always, I love all the little things that you highlight to make your week great! The longer the list, the better!

Fluffy belly button! ha! It made me think of Adam's comments about my 'belly buttons' ha!