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April 5, 2012

3 Months

Our sweet baby girls are 3 ¼ today…39 months. I’m not really one of those [crazy?] mamas who is still counting her children’s age in weeks, I promise…but for some reason, this little milestone feels kind of momentous.

It occurred to me a few days ago how much has changed in the past three months.

I’m sure I could take almost any three-month slice and count the many changes, but it seems like their third birthday was just yesterday…yet our girls feel so different…so much older…so much more independent.


We took the baby gate down at home, technically giving the girls the run of the house. Of course "running" is not permitted…but it’s still been a huge change – largely a very positive one – for us as a family.

At least for small- to medium-size shopping trips, I’m [sorta-kinda] comfortable with the girls pushing the cart at the grocery store.

The girls and I have eaten out together – just the three of us – a couple of times now. The last time, in particular, was [relatively] relaxing!

With 90% accuracy, the girls know all their letters and numbers. They are also pretty proficient with recognizing the sounds that letters make.

The girls LOVE the magnetic drawing pads they got for their birthday. They can [sometimes] draw [somewhat] recognizable pictures. They both take spells at practicing writing their letters. Baby A can write 12 or 15 letters really well.

Both girls have suddenly become puzzle masters. They went from needing help to complete a 25-piece puzzle in January, to now being able to do a 60-piece puzzle by themselves!

And games are now a big part of our days. Memory and Candyland are the favorites. Baby A is really competitive, while B will sometimes take it or leave it. Mommy sure doesn’t mind being A’s gaming partner. She’ll actually give me a run for my money in Memory!

Baby A is JUMPING now…off the curb, on the curb, and hopping all around. Both A and B are really enjoying playing outside, and I’ve been able to give them more freedom to run in our [unfenced] side yard. They both love to try blowing bubbles, although B is the only one who’s had success at that.

We’ve taken a couple of playground trips, and I can see a big difference there, too, even from our New Year’s Eve visit. Both girls are so much more proficient with climbing, and Baby B seems to have conquered her fear of the slide (at least the smaller ones).

What an amazing difference just three months can make!

This mama is doing her best to savor it, and hanging on to enjoy the ride!


Deanna said...

I LOVE the increased independence I'm seeing in our girls! When you stop counting in months, it is easy to forget how quickly they do change in such a short time...until you stop and think back to just a few short weeks or months ago.

We just built the girls a play set in the backyard and they were afraid of the "rock climbing wall" at first. I said it would probably take a month or so, but I imagined they would be climbing soon. It took even less time than that--less than two weeks to master it! Craziness. : )

cat said...

Wow, they are great with puzzles. Way ahead of their age. And I really think you should stop calling them babies

Mandy said...

I am loving all the new found independence but it is challenging letting go of my babies! It's also scary how quickly they pick up things. Lastly, it's also alarming how opinionated and demanding they are becoming- or maybe that's just my house! Any mention of play instantly starts chants for the playground, and once playground has been mentioned they won't let me forget that they NEEEEED to go! Oy!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Isn't three a great age!? So fun. :) And I still call mine babies too. Probably will until they have their own babies!

Mine love games too. Their favorites right now are the SuperWhy game (great for early literacy skills) and the Sock Monkey game - we found it at Target, and it's kind of like a cross between a board game and hide and seek. So cute!

Happy 39 months, babies!!!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Gosh -- you are right much happens/changes in three months time. You girls have been having some really fun outings, lately. Gives me hope. I'm also really grateful to hear that age 3 can be fun. SO MANY people keep telling me that age 3 is more difficult than age 2. I am sure it can be in some cases, but I don't find it helpful when people tell me that! Geesh! And - perhaps its kid specific, too. I just know that in the midst of some major meltdowns at this age -- I get weary of age 3 -- but your girls give me hope! Thx!

championm2000 said...

So smart your baby girls are!! Really.

I still call my two babies. I am thinking of capitalizing the word, making it their "official" name--the Babies. Then people, like my sitter, can stop telling me it is time to stop calling them babies

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I like Melissa's take on the Babies. Good one - I'm stealing that :)

You're so right - they change so quickly. And I've always said so but you do realise your kids are SUPER advanced. *ahem* only after your post did I get mine some non-baby puzzles (9 piece) :)

The other day my kids (!) were eating butternut. And Connor said it wrong but really cute. I love it. The next night I remembered so I said to Connor, "say butternut for Daddy" and he says "butternut" - perfect. Just like that, babyness gone!

Although he does still say BOTTOMAN for ottoman :)

Anonymous said...

:) they grow so quickly!! i was just away on business for 4 days and was shocked at how much different they are speaking. and m rolls her eyes up toward the ceiling when she is thinking now. and they look like they grew a few feet. :)

but it is remarkable how much your girls have grown in such a short time. this has to stop at some point, right??

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Happy 3 1/4 Birthday Girls! :)

It's hard not to count months becuase I find as each pass the fun and exciting new things we see, do and discover are ever so awesome!

Happy Easter Friend!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Happy 3 1/4 Birthday Girls! :)

It's hard not to count months becuase I find as each pass the fun and exciting new things we see, do and discover are ever so awesome!

Happy Easter Friend!

Unknown said...

I think its this age - HUGE leaps in milestones and development! I've already mentioned to you just how much Adam seems to have grown up recently - we had a babysitter last weekend that used to be his teacher and she was AMAZED at how much he was talking and doing - so different in just a short time since she'd last seen him!