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April 19, 2012

So, I Made a Go with No Highchairs...

…well, technically maybe two “go’s”…if you count breakfast AND morning snack…before we went back to our highchairs.

As with most everything I do with respect to the girls, I conducted extensive online research on the very best booster seats. I settled on a particular model…found one at our local store…had another shipped to me…and – after extensive pep talks with myself – I was ready to go.

The girls were with me when I bought the one seat, and I’d been talking up their “big girls seats”. We discussed sitting nice and tall and straight…and the ramifications for not doing so = back to the highchairs they’d go.

We presented the booster seats to the girls on Easter morning, and they were very excited to see their long-anticipated “big girl seats”.

So what happened???

Breakfast and morning snack actually went fine! The girls sat relatively nice and tall and straight. No food was thrown. No cups were dropped. No feet were put up on the table.


Thank goodness I took a peek-see under the foam seats as I was cleaning up from snack. They were STUCK to our nice wooden chairs! STUCK!!!

I then read the instructions to the chairs. (I may do extensive research, which I guess I feel allows me to clep reading the instructions???)

You may want to use this booster seat on an older chair!” it cautioned in a sing-song tone. “Our foam sticks really well!

Hmmm…you don’t say.

The next day I returned the chairs, and we spent the better part of a week with two of our kitchen chairs in the spare bedroom / furniture infirmary, treating them with all manner of cleaners, polishes, wood restorers.

The kitchen chairs still bear the marks of those boosters…from two hours of use, mind you…but we’ll survive.

In the meantime, the girls are happily back in their highchairs. They understood that their “big girl seats” made boo-boos on our chairs, and they had to be returned.

And now, I probably should revisit my research to find the very best booster seats.

Or, I could consider this experience a sign that Mommy should continue to enjoy her mealtimes in the comfort of the babies being confined.

Whaddaya think, Universe???


Jen said...

We have one of these for our just turned 4 year old.

No complaints! Especially for the price :-). We rarely have used to straps to buckle her in, but they have come in handy a few times when she won't sit still.

IASoupMama said...

We used a booster similar to the one that Jen used, but honestly, my first two kids were out of high chairs by 13-14 months and done with boosters at 18 months. We didn't have a problem with them getting up and running around and it was a whole lot easier to feed them at other people's homes because we weren't lugging around a booster.

My twins turned 1 yesterday, but they have been in chair-top high chairs used as boosters for a couple of months now, pushed right up to the table to eat with us. It works for us!

If your girls are going to start preschool in the fall, they will likely not be using boosters there, so maybe give them the summer to get used to sitting without boosters now?

I hope you find a solution that works for you and your family!

Brad Jenkins said...

Place the booster on a piece of cloth, then duct tape the whole thing down. Should leave the finish intact.

Mandy said...

Ack to the chairs. I really love our chairs

I wish they had had the extra colors when our girls were born! The straps did start to wear into the wood backs of our chairs over time, but I might have to admit to have them TIGHTLY secures to the chairs! They're the only high chairs the girls have ever had. We no longer use the trays, they just eat at the table with us. Maybe something like this could work for you? I don't see it lasting very long, so it probably wouldn't be worth the investment.

I will admit that our girls are very used to eating on their knees thought and I think our chairs are soon to be a thing of the past. Have you thought about just trying them in regular chairs?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Holy crap...that sucks. You were ALMOST THERE!!!!

Johanna Baker said...

Boo! We have VERY similar ones (ours are the Cooshee Classic), and we don't have any issues with them sticking... unless our messy eater spills. :) Our chairs are wooden, and I would be pissed if they were damaged by the booster. Do they have little 'holes' like craters in the bottom to help brace them? That's what ours have.

Barbara Manatee said...

oh man! bummer about those seats marking up your chairs! Good luck finding a better option! We have a Fisher Price one that's portable - we got 2 when our twins were born and they've been handy - they strap down to the chair so they stay in place well. They are hard plastic so we keep a mat underneath them to protect our wooden chairs and that's seemed to do the trick.

Anonymous said...

so i'm totally late in responding...i've been under an internet rock.

this is what we have:

for the most part i like them. they strap to the chair and strap to hold them in. :) they're the next best things to high chairs! ha!!

but good for you, step!!

cat said...

Hope you find a replacement idea too