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April 16, 2012

It's the Little Things, Wedding Weekend Edition

This weekend we made a 400-mile round-trip to attend my cousin’s wedding. We were so thankful to be there for her special day, and to have the mid-spring opportunity to visit with some of our family.

The trip was great…smooth sailing almost in almost every respect…and I’m so grateful for so many little things that made it such a special time…

· Packing the girls’ things in two little shoulder bags…instead of the gigantic Rubbermaid box we have always used

· Having a relatively normal morning on Saturday, despite the excitement of the day

· The girls “helping” me wrap a couple of presents for the trip

· Mommy not being anxious over leaving 30 minutes behind schedule

· Exchanging sandals at the mall without issue, and getting new tennis shoes for the girls, to boot

· The girls requesting to eat at Macaroni Grill by name

· The girls napping in the car during the remainder of the trip

· Getting to the hotel in plenty of time to get ready for the wedding

· Surprising Grandma Linda with a quick hug in the lobby of the hotel

· Posing with the girls in their precious dresses and frilly socks, despite the WIND

· The girls’ delight at Daddy in his suit

· The girls being in awe of their first wedding, such that they didn’t make a peep during the ceremony

· The girls dancing with their Daddy at the reception, and even trying to sing along with a few songs

· Wedding appetizers for supper, and requests for more fruit

· Putting on tennis shoes with the girls’ dresses and going for a walk around the hotel before bed

· The girls settling easy at the end of a long day

· The girls sleeping until their clock turned green at 6:30 (and thankful that I decided to pack their clock for the trip!)

· Eating a great breakfast in the hotel, and getting compliments on the girls’ behavior

· Getting to chat with the bride and groom during breakfast

· Going for a beautiful LONG walk after breakfast…around a lake, and up and down an outdoor shopping area

· Aunt Alison driving up to meet us for coffee before we headed back home

· The girls’ awe at their “cousin” A, Alison’s sweet baby girl

· The girls proudly giving A her birthday present…they helped pick it out and “designed” the wrapping paper

· The girls playing nicely on the bed and in the swivel office chair in the hotel while Mommy and Daddy packed to come home

· The girls asking to nap as soon as we left the hotel…two hours ahead of their regular schedule!

· The girls napping very soundly in the car, allowing us to get more than half-way home before we stopped for lunch

· The girls using the potty at the restaurant without their potty seat…there were those paper liners, and they both proclaimed those to be “nifty” (HA!)

· The girls talking to each other 90 to nothing in the car on the ride home after lunch…I didn’t follow all of it, but there were numerous pretend scenarios…I think they were plotting what they were going to play when they got home

· The girls’ excitement at coming home to our kitty and to all their babies

· The girls playing so contentedly at home, thrilled to spread out in the den, unfettered

· Our regular bedtime routine and a great night’s sleep in our own beds

What an awesome weekend to remember!!!


IASoupMama said...

Sounds like it was a successful weekend, yay!

Miss Megan said...

Sounds great!!! So glad it went off without a hitch! Go girls! And go mommy and daddy =)

Jennie said...

You look beautiful all dressed up with your sweet girls - glad to hear you had an awesome trip!

Julia said...

Way to go, mama! I know how much planning and preparation went into making a trip like that go off so smoothly.

So fun to see all four of you all dressed up!

Love that they were asking to take a nap!! Wow! :)

Mandy said...

So glad it all went well. I know my ladies love to see their daddy all dressed up.

Makes you want to travel more, doesn't it?!

Barbara Manatee said...

The girls look adorable and you look amazing!!

My kids LOVED all the weddings we had last year - so much fun! Sarah especially. Weddings are magical! I think my 3 will be sad if we don't have any weddings this year...ha!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You look beautiful!!!! So gorgeous. What are your secrets for staying so trim with all that chocolate you love?.??? LOL


Seriously, you all look beautiful. I imagine the girls were very taken with daddy all dressed up. And they are also adorable in their little dresses

championm2000 said...

So much to celebrate...a newly wedded couple and a very successful trip with twins!

You all looked beautiful!

cat said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend! Perfect in every way. And you all looked so beautiful

Johanna said...

Sounds like a more-than-successful weekend. The girls looked precious in their little dresses, and YOU looked AMAZING, pretty friend!