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December 18, 2011

We May Not Be Up for Making a Gingerbread House...

...but we sure enjoyed making ice cream cone trees and marshmallow snowmen!

Inspired by an idea that Deanna at It's a Crazy, Beautiful Life posted a few weeks ago, we invited our friends K and S to join us for some edible holiday crafting.

Everyone had such a fun time...and I was quite impressed that it wasn't even that messy!

(It might have helped that my two girlies were strapped securely in their high chairs! But even in Big People Chairs, K and S kept the mess to a minimum. I didn't even have to mop afterwards!)

While the wee ones had an extra-special mid-morning treat of M&Ms and pretzels, their mom Jenny and I spread store-bought frosting on store-bought waffle cones. (We spread it liberally to allow the M&Ms to stick more easily.)

We gave each kiddo a small bowl of holiday M&Ms, and they got to work!

I love the concentration on K's face (and her tongue sticking out, too!)...

Here's Jenny reminding S that he'd had his snack, and the M&Ms in the bowl were to be used for decoration. (She finally made a deal with him that, for every three candies he put on the tree, he could eat one...HA!)

My Baby A surprised me with how diligently she worked.

And here's a typical pose from Baby B, loving life and enjoying herself a marshmallow break.

The kiddos worked for a pretty long time, and, despite surely having a sugar rush from their extra-special snack, they were quite proud to pose and show off their creations.

It was such a fantastic just felt successful all around. The kiddos played well, enjoyed themselves, and of course Jenny and I had fun hanging out together, too.

It's hard to look ahead a full year...but I can't help but wonder if we'll be ready to attempt a gingerbread village next year??? At least we know we can supply some great foliage!


championm2000 said...

Looks like a delicious time!

And, yay, for little mess!

Unknown said...

How cute is that?

One Christmas I made a gingerbread house with my grandsons. The middle child refused to eat any because we were all licking our hands and enjoying all that sweetness.

He's the only little kid on the earth worried about germs. I should have did individual ones like you!

Live and learn..

Beth said...

those are adorable! I think that I am going to have to steal this idea! Simple enough to not need too much mommy guidance, but still really cute!

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Perfect! You do what you gotta do!

Unknown said...

so cute, so easy! My kids all made gingerbread houses at school this year - it was cool how they did it! The teacher had 'pre-made' the houses by gluing graham crackers onto milk cartons...then the kids just had to put frosting and candy on top! Each kid got to make their own and it was cute!

Deanna said...

I'm glad y'all enjoyed that! We are going to attempt it sometime this week...if I get to the store to pick up ice cream cones! (If Jeremy had his way, we would ALWAYS have those on hand--ha!)

Anonymous said...

super cute!! and who may be way past gingerbread next year. maybe some sugar art or ice sculptures? lol.

Quadmama said...

What a fun treat to make. I think they're definitely ready to tackle gingerbread houses!

Rebecca said...

What a freaking brilliant idea!

reanbean said...

Very, very cute! I"m so wishing I had read this post a few weeks earlier. My guys would have love it. Oh, well. Next year!