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December 8, 2011

The Egg Carton Doesn't Lie... girls will be THREE...SOON!!!

That's hard for me to grasp on several of which is definitely the fact that I've gotta make time during this holiday hustle and bustle to nail down birthday party plans...eek!!!

We are thankful for so many wonderful things to celebrate these next few weeks...even if my to-do list is consumes a spiral-bound notebook. :)


Julia said...

I remember when we had something in our fridge (can't remember what it was) that expired after the girls' due date when I was pregnant. It was crazy to have something that would outlast my pregnancy. My life would be completely turned upside down before that "something" expired :)

I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful girls celebrating another year :)

Deanna said...

It's hard to believe THREE is approaching so quickly! I don't envy your having to plan birthday celebrations so close to the holidays...but I'm sure you will pull it off fabulously!

Anonymous said...

gah!! 2012!!!

. said...

Oh three! Mine will be two on Jan 18th. We won't have a big party but we'll be doing a little family hoo-rah. Good luck with all of your planning.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

WoW! It really creeps up on us doesn't it...and January Birthdays are hard becuase of my opinion...Bryce & Ave are turning 2 on Jan 29th.

I love to plan I have all that, 11 months ago...LOL!!!


championm2000 said...

Bring on the party!!

reanbean said...

Knowing you, it will be a truly special and memorable occasion. :o)

Good luck with the planning! And if you need any help, I can loan you Tiny for a bit. She's already got some big ideas as to how she'd like to celebrate her 4th birthday (still 3 months away!).

Barbara Manatee said...

Jacob and Sarah asked at dinner today how much longer until Adam's birthday. I could barely believe it when I said just over a month!!

He and I had the sweetest talk the other night about him staying my baby....totally wish I could stop time in its tracks and keep him this little and sweet FOREVER!!!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

THREE!!! Let the games begin!

How goes the party planning??

James said...

First, January-born people rule. Happy birthday!

Second, 3 is a fun age. (And also the most challenging, at least with ours so far.)

Third, hold on tight, things start moving at light speed from here on out!