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December 7, 2011

The Early Birds Sits on the Potty

Our girls began sleeping through the night when they were around three months old. It seems like forever their wakeup time was 6:45. Some days they might have woken up a little earlier, but particularly as they got older, they were very content to babble to each other for a little bit.

Some time before the girls turned two, I realized I was waking them up many mornings. One day, I decided to see how long they’d sleep…and for about six months, I so enjoyed them getting up about 7:30!

[I still maintained my 5:45-ish wakeup, but that meant I had time to work out, shower, and get dressed…it was glorious!]

Enter our first round of potty-training, in April.

As fantastic as it was to change only half the number of diapers, I had no idea that it would so affect the girls’ sleep!

While I continued to put diapers on A for naps and nighttime for a couple of weeks, I don’t think she once went in them. I know that’s actually a good thing…but she would wake up screaming and crying, near hysterical, to sit on the potty. And early, at that. And of course B would wake up, too, upset over her sister being upset.

It was rough.

Things have leveled out with the hysteria. I think that was just a matter of A understanding what was happening with her body. Still, for the last seven months, the days have begun rather early at our house.

A 6:30 wakeup is a good day. The girls no longer cry, but they start pleading immediately, “I need to sit on potty!” (in stereo, of course). And forget them “talking” peacefully while I finish my bowl of cereal. Their requests are usually pretty urgent (and I don’t want to test their little bladders!).

I know this is just part of it…things will even out…and one day I’ll be dragging them out of bed to get ready for school.

In the meantime I’ll focus on the positives…NO MORE DIAPERS…and extra time to read some books in the mornings before I start making breakfast…

…even though I do it in my pj’s without having combed my hair…yikes!


Brad Jenkins said...

We decided to get just one potty to start since neither of our girls were showing interest yet. Should we be getting another one for the morning deposit? Need your advice here please!

Mandy said...

My plan is to move to toddler beds, as much as I dread it. The potty can sit in their room over night so they can go as necessary. That way I can hopefully get those five more minutes!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

We're nowhere close to nighttime trained with Matt, but Hailey's staying dry. She's a rock star.

Anonymous said...

We are no where near nighttime potty training....but we do have to move them to "big-kid beds" maybe that will help lend itself. As they're wandering around the house in the middle of the night, perhaps they'll stop at the potty. (I'm thrilled about this situation, can you tell?)

Barbara Manatee said...

Adam actually wakes up dry several days a week but still refuses to use the potty or even want to wear underwear. I got all excited b/c he went pee on the potty 1 day last week - first time EVER!!! - but his teacher thinks he just couldn't hold it any longer. He has refused to try again since! agh!