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December 8, 2011

52 Weeks of ME! Challenge Link-up

Amid the hustle and bustle of this wonderful season, it's really important for me to consciously step back, catch my breath, and re-energize. I hope you're finding time to do the same!


I had a pretty fabulous week with my baby girls...and I managed to log some "me" time in there, too!

On Thursday night, after all our respective kiddos were in bed, I met with three fellow twin mamas from our MoMs group.

Over gigantic cups of hot tea, we had a really productive meeting, outlining our full 2012 schedule. (Did you happen to hear our collective WOO HOO!!! at accomplishing such a task?!)

Of course we talked about more than meeting topics and picnic venues.

I've known one of these ladies since we met in the prenatal classes at the hospital, a couple of months before our babes were born. Her B/G twins are exactly one week older than A&B. The other ladies I met through our MoMs group, and their twins were born within 9 months of ours.

We've worked closely together as part of our group for a couple of years now. Even when we have "work" to do, it's still always so refreshing just to be around them.

They get it. Completely.

These mamas are such a wonderful, warm, supportive group (and their kiddos are pretty fantastic, too). I learn so much from them...and they might just make me feel a little more "normal"...or at least remind this high-strung mama she's not alone on this amazing journey. :)


What did you do for YOU this week?

You're welcome to link up, or just leave a comment. Then sit back, grab a cup of hot tea if you'd like, and see how other mamas carved out a little time for themselves this week.


championm2000 said...

That's awesome! You are lucky to have such a supportive, close knit group of women. I regret not being more active in my local MoM group. Sounds like a blast!

As I was reading this, I tried to think of what I had done this week. I am still riding the ME high from Sunday when I had a mud wrap while on vacation. Other than that, I think getting up this morning an hour before everyone else to drink coffee and play on the computer all alone totally counts!

Wiley said...

Love that you got productivity, fun and tea all thrown into one.

The MoM group where we are was really supportive when Aurelia died and were instrumental in hooking me up with some great resources. It's amazing that mothers of multiples seem to have the most to give despite having more on their plate typically.

Helene said...

They sound like a fabulous group of women! I was never able to join our local MoMs group because they met the same night that Tim played soccer so I could never make the meetings. I totally could've used the support and encouragement of a group like that when my babies were younger!

Sounds like you have an amazing, fun year ahead of you in 2012!

Barbara Manatee said...

YEAH for MoMs groups!! I love mine, too! My weekend will likely be centered around my group - several of us are doing Lunch with Santa tomorrow and then a budget board meeting on Sunday afternoon - that is unless my nephew arrives and I go AWOL to see him!! :-)

For me? I bought myself a super cute new sweater and hat last weekend and then grabbed a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks on my way home today! YUM!!

reanbean said...

Glad to hear your meeting was both productive and fun. I've become less and less involved in my MoMs club since I gave up my board position last June, but it was definitely something I relied on heavily for the first two years after Tiny and Buba were born. So great that you've taken on a huge leadership role so that MoMs in your area can have a local support network.

Sadly, can't think of much that I did that was a treat for myself this week. We've had a nasty cold making its way through our house- from person to person- since Thanksgiving. Neither of my kiddos is completely over it, and this week it was my turn to get hit hard. Wednesday afternoon, I felt absolutely miserable- completely stuffed up, scratchy throat, and a pounding headache. There was no way I was going to be of any good to anyone, so I put on a Sesame Street video (something that's just not done at our house), gave the kids a snack, and told them to watch quietly so I could rest. Not my best parenting moment, but the closest thing I have to "me" time this week.