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December 11, 2011

Super 7 Sunday

So thankful for a super fabulous week with my baby girls!

1) On Sunday, Baby A woke up early from her nap. I let her help me make Pumpkin Gingerbread. She was such a great help! She dumped the ingredients in the bowl for me, and turned the mixer on and off. And of course she was so proud of herself.

2) And later in the week I let the girls help me make a simple batch of candy. They mostly dumped ingredients in the bowl and stirred a little bit, but it made their day! They were so proud of themselves. After supper, B told Daddy, “I will share my candy with you.” HA!

3) I was so proud of the girls for accompanying me to Hobby Lobby this week. I only had one thing to get, and I asked if they would like to walk (as opposed to loading up in the stroller). They behaved so well! They held onto the hand basket and were super good about keeping their hands to themselves. They even made a bit of conversation with the cashier. A big accomplishment, indeed!

4) Coming out of Hobby Lobby we took the opportunity to contribute to the Salvation Army. I gave the girls each a dollar, and they put in the bucket. Then the lady let them ring her bell. They talked about it all afternoon, saying, “…and we put cash in the bucket and rang the bell.” I must have said, “Let me see if I have some cash,” but it cracked me up for them to use that word.

5) The girls are having a great time listening to Christmas music, although they’ve altered quite a few lyrics. “Two turtle ducks,” for example, and Feliz Navidad is “Police la-dee-dah.” At least they know how to request Michael Buble’ by name.

6) We went to lunch on Saturday at our favorite sushi restaurant. We hadn’t taken the girls there since this summer, as they had a big case of the wiggles the last time we were there…not quite in keeping with the otherwise zen atmosphere. This time, they did fantastic! They sat up straight in their chairs, enjoyed edamame and part of my salad, and they ate every scrap of their chicken and shrimp teriyaki.

7) We finally got our Christmas tree up on Saturday afternoon. Baby A was up early from her nap, and I was amazed how patiently she watched Hubby and me put the lights on the tree. She then did a great job of helping me take ornaments out of their boxes. When B got up, I loved seeing the surprise on her face at glimpsing the tree. “Is it Christmas?” she asked. And I’ll pat myself on the back for allowing the girls to hang the ornaments…I expected a lot grouped together on the bottom…but I didn’t anticipate they’d also be so intent on decorating the back of the tree. Oh, well…they had fun!

Hope you had a super fabulous week, too!


Miss Megan said...

Such well behaved little ladies!!! Seriously impressed! =)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I agree with Miss Megan :) They are so well behaved.

Although mine were well behaved at a party today - amazingly because there were lots of people.

Another set of twins left early as they were tantruming and their mom (my friend) said they hadn't slept.

Do yours freak out when they haven't slept?

championm2000 said...

Okay, you really must get a video of them singing!

Unknown said...

So cute! I woke up yesterday morning to hear Adam BELTING out Jingle Bells (his rendition seemed to be mixed with The Wheels on the Bus though! ha!) Jacob was trying to sing a few songs this afternoon and I was cracking up at the words he was thinking was in them!!

Adam keeps asking me when he sees snow and lights "Its Cwismas time, Mommy?"

Yeah for Sushi! We grabbed some sushi quick last weekend after we finished up most of the kids' Christmas shopping. Tried something new again - was yummy and now I want to go back again very soon. I swear I hadn't had sushi until this fall...and now I want it all the time! What is IN that stuff???

Megan said...

Ooh, sushi. That sounds good!

My kids decorated our Christmas tree and it is soooooo bottom heavy. Whatev! I was kinda temped to do some rearranging, but now it's grown on me. :)

reanbean said...


Unfortunately we were dealing with another week of yucky colds at our house. The kids were finally starting to feel better, but I was hit pretty hard. I'm quite sure we did not have as great of a week as you did, but hopefully this current one will be much better.

It's funny to hear how little kids interpret the lyrics. Too funny!