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December 1, 2011

52 Weeks of ME! Challenge Link-up

Amid the hustle and bustle of this awesome season, I hope you've found a way to carve out at least a bit of time for YOU.

Be it big or small, we owe it to ourselves to step back, relax, and recharge...and enjoy!

What did you do for YOU this week???

And what did I do for ME???

Since we didn't travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, our five-day weekend was pretty relaxed. We enjoyed lots of family fun on our own schedule...and I was thankful to carve out a bit of time just for me, as well.

At the beginning of the year, my bestie and I decided we'd get pedicures together once a quarter. Following our December twinkle toes, we held off until February before we booked another appointment. At that point we decided that three months was too long to wait for pretty toes...surely we could swing a quick date once a month.

We haven't quite met up once a month, but we've enjoyed several pedicures together this year.

On Saturday Aunt Shanda picked me up after the girls' nap time. She had her seat warmer fired up and Christmas music in the CD player. We enjoyed having our piggy toes pampered just as much as we enjoyed catching had been too long!

I vowed this week I would talk about something other than I won't include as "me" time the holiday Starbucks we picked up on the way home, or the toast we made (and took a picture of!) to our friendship...and to pretty toes!


Beth said...

Yeah for time with girlfriends!
And yeah for pretty toes!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

loved the toast to friendship :)

about to do my blog post now!

reanbean said...

I love that you went for your me time AFTER the girls' nap. I tend to do the me stuff when my kids are sleeping/resting, and then I'm right back in the mix when they're up and ready to go. It hardly seems like a break when you do things that way.

And I laughed at your "seat warmer fired up" comment. How cold is it down there? :o)

Unknown said...

I don't usually do Pedis over the winter but I would love a facial right about now!! Glad you had some time with your bestie!!