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September 3, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

The week’s fabulous highlights…

1) (With upfront apologies for the rude visual…) the girls were so delighted to watch me blow bubbles with my bubble gum. They squealed with delight and kept asking for “Mohr!”

2) We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant over the weekend, and the girls couldn’t get enough Mexican food. They ate every morsel from their plate, a substantial portion of mine, and they still wanted more. Hmmm…wonder where they got that from???

3) I knew the girls enjoyed seeing the ducks in the lake at the park on Saturday. What’s so cute is that they are still “talking” about it…”Ducks!”…then “Wa-wa!” accompanied by some tail-feather wagging of their own. (They perhaps could have seen Mommy imitating a duck waddle for them at one point???)

4) On Wednesday, I told Daddy that he needed to shave. (I’m surprised the girls weren’t scared of him the way he looked!) A few minutes later, as Baby B was sitting in his lap, she touched his face and said, “Save!” ‘Atta girl!

5) The girls and I have run several errands this week – the grocery store, Target, Hobby Lobby, the farmer’s market – and they’ve been downright cordial to random people who talked to them. Baby B was pretty generous with her toothy grin, and Baby A did several Miss America waves…and not a single tear was shed!

I can’t help but smile at these baby girls o’ mine!


Deanna said...

My girls are SCARED of chewing-gum-bubbles! How random is that?? Happy Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so looking forward to the fun outings :) we're still in stranger danger times over here!!

Rebecca said...

Awww...I love the fact that they wanted Daddy to shave too. It's awesome when they start being nice to strangers!

reanbean said...

You guys always have so much fun! We're headed out to a Mexican restaurant tonight with the in-laws- the last of T's big birthday celebration. We both love Mexican food. Hopefully the kiddos will as well. If not, I'll send them your way so A and B can show them how it's done. :o)