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September 25, 2010

My Little Elephants

…they never forget!

A full week ago, we had a man over to talk about some work in our backyard. The girls and I sat in the den and watched out the window as he walked around, talking to my husband.

He must have made quite an impression on the girls in the 10 minutes he was here. Several times a day – every day since – they start a little conversation, each piping in with a piece of the puzzle…

“Man!” Yes, there was a man here.

“Outside!” Yes, he was outside with Daddy.

“Walk!” Yes, he and Daddy were walking around.

“Fence!” Yes, the man and Daddy stood by the fence.

“Jeans!” Yes, the man was wearing jeans.

“Shirt!” Yes, the man was wearing a shirt.

“Shoes!” Yes, the man was wearing shoes.

“Hat!” No, the man wasn’t wearing a hat. (I don’t know if they thought that would have completed his ensemble, or if they just get on a roll, naming articles of clothing.)

“Paper!” Yes, the man was holding a piece of paper.

“Bracelet!” Yes, the man was wearing a bracelet. (This one makes me laugh. The man had on a big gold watch, and I told the girls it was a bracelet. I’m sure he would be mortified!)

“Knock!” Yes, you knocked on the window at him.

It reminds me of giving a kid a nice gift, and he just wants to play with the box…throw out the hours we spent playing puzzles and counting our steps, and show them a man walking around for 10 minutes instead.

I guess it goes to show me how learning opportunities come in all shapes and sizes!

(And don’t worry…I am not seriously going to throw out the puzzles and quit counting steps, to be replaced by people watching at the mall! But I will keep narrating even the most random of this is a good reminder that they're paying attention afterall!)


Rebecca said...

I love these little diatribes! We've had a lot of them around our house lately too!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the chit-chat too :)

They are little sponges and did you tell the man he made such an impression?

Our gardener who comes once every two weeks is a Malawian man so he's very dark and has a beautiful smile. He's quite serious so I almost never see him smile except when I joke with him.

Well, the other morning, I was holding Kendra and I saw her look past me and smile. I turned and she was smiling through the window because Edson was smiling. TOO sweet.

No one else gets smiles on demand... but Edson does :)

Also, love the "bracelet"!

Christina said...

They catch everything, and do remember everything, things you wouldn't even! :)

MultipleMum said...

They will be good in a police line-up. Very observant little things :)

Sadia said...

It's so funny - now my girls narrate the world back to me!

You're a great mom! :)

reanbean said...

So funny about the "bracelet".

I'm amazed at what my two can remember. Tiny, especially, has a fantastic memory. She can remember things that happened months ago. She still brings up the fried dough we shared at the carnival at the beginning of July, and remembered that she'd had an accident in a pair of pant last spring when I pulled them out for her to wear just a week or so ago. I wonder if she's already beginning to make some permanent memories or if she's still to young for that.