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September 24, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

The girls have said and done so many cool things this week, it’s actually hard to narrow it down to the five most fabulous, but here ‘goes…

1) The girls are really starting to take an active part in music. We listen to music most of the day, and within the past week they’ve done all the motions to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, unprompted. They’re also trying to say, “Round and round,” as in, “The Wheels on the Bus.” It’s so cool to know they’re paying attention to their environment.

2) Baby A has been “practicing” putting her shorts on by herself…off and on, off and on. Sometimes she even gets them on straight!

3) Baby B has started requesting, “Hugs!” and then giving the biggest neck squeezes. She did it first to her daddy, and he told me later he almost cried (which of course made me almost cry!).

4) I sorta-kinda think that Baby B may have said a couple of sentences this week! She’s been saying, “Mommy clean it,” when she drops something from her highchair (I’m giving her credit for an observation, not an order – at least I hope!). She has also said, “I got it!” several times when she’s picked something up or been handed something.

5) The girls and I have gotten out for a walk every day this week. It’s so nice to get some fresh air, and for me to get to watch them hold hands and play footsie beside each other in the stroller.

Living it and loving it!


JenM said...

I've been loving these peeks at what your girls are doing since I feel like my little ones are on the cusp of doing some of the same things. Isn't it amazing how much they learn and how much they pick up without you having to teach it? Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i love watching them as quiet observers of their environment. the other day i was asking m where the duck was and t crawled over and presented me with it. cutest. thing. ever.

sounds like it was a great week! :)

Rebecca said...

The "Hug!" this is adorable!

Watching them get the music is so rewarding...makes you realize that singing those songs to yourself for so long may have been worth it!

reanbean said...

We also love having music on all day long. I remember when my guys were first learning to do hand motions to some of the songs we listen too. So much fun to watch them make connections with the music and the motions.

My guys are now capable of busting out full songs all on their own, and seem to be picking up new ones everyday. Buba knows all the words to The Farmer in the Dell (in order!) which I think is particularly impressive given how long that song is and how nothing is repeated. I know he would love taking a music class, but they're just so darned expensive (and just ridiculous when you have to pay times two). Maybe we can ask Santa... :o)