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September 4, 2010

A Few (More of) My Faves...

Chantal at Twice: First Came Twins was so kind to think of me as having a “Blog with Substance”. Thank you Chantal! :)

Now first, I don’t mean to suggest that all blogs don’t have substance! We all blog for different reasons.

I blog to share some of the trials and triumphs of this wonderful, crazy life with my girls. I keep a detailed journal of my own to record our adventures, the cute things the girls said and did, milestones hit, and all my feelings along the way. I pull excerpts from these adventures and try to present them in a creative and entertaining way. It’s a fun way to challenge myself.

I read a vast variety of blogs, and I learn a little something from each and every one. From some, I might get an idea for a craft or activity; from others, I might take note of a disciplinary challenge; from others I might see how a particular conversation was handled; and yet from others I might just laugh, or coo, or be reminded to stop and smell the roses.

As I’ve said before, I’ve made some awesome bloggy friends over the past several months, and I feel like a better mom for being able to share in their knowledge base. I’ll also add that I can credit maintaining (at least shreds of) my sanity some days to knowing I’m not the only one on this wonderful roller coaster!

That said, here are a couple of my favorite “Blogs with Substance”:

And then there were four. Multiple Mum has four kiddos, including B/G twins that are a couple of weeks older than our girls. She talks about some of their adventures, but I wouldn’t categorize her as a “Mommy Blogger”. Part of the beauty in her blog is that – in the words of a movie you may just have heard of – you never know what you’re gonna get…but just like chocolate, it’s always something yummy.

Buried in Laundry. Quadmama is a down-to-earth mom to four-year old quadruplet girls. She writes about the everyday issues that parents face, from sunscreen-ing your kids (times four in her case…meaning she’s my hero!), dealing with a picky eater, and following through on the consequences you outline for your children. Her blog is one that I make lots of mental notes after reading, which hopefully I’ll be able to reference as our girls get a little older.

Are We There Yet? This is one of my new favorite finds…one of those blogs that I drop everything (except maybe a baby) when I see an update. Sarah is a heeee-larious mom to four kiddos, including a set of B/G twins. She is a minivan-driving, extracurricular-activity-juggling, craft-loving mama who fesses up to having just a touch of anxiety. Oh, and did I mention she’s heeee-larious???

And Chantal, right back atcha! Chantal is such a conscientious mom, and I really admire her approach to parenting. I’m not quite as “crunchy” as she is (her word!), but I think we have similar parenting values, and I appreciate the how and why behind what she does.


Prather Family said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I will follow yours now and see if I can learn a thing our two. Us multiple moms have to stick together so we can learn from one another. Thanks for posting your favorite blogs. I am always looking for new ones to read.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Congratulations! Hope you're having a fab weekend - Kendra puked twice today (firsts for us) so I'm scared to feed her - let's see when she wakes in the night (6.54 pm here now)

MultipleMum said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the Award! I do appreciate it. I'm not sure if I am into this whole thing (I can't think of anything witty to say in the question bits) but I will definitely pass on my love over at my blog in the next few days :)