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September 26, 2010

International Flair

As I may just have mentioned a time or two, I’m originally from the great state of Alabama, and I think it’s one of the best places on this green earth. We haven’t lived there in ten years, though, having moved a few times with my job.

We’ve been put for the past seven years, and – while we’re too far from a good plate of fried okra and the majestic white sand beaches of Alabama’s gulf coast – we feel like we’ve found a good "home away from home" to raise our girlies.

The town we live in is not large, at just over 60,000 people, but it’s got a lot to offer…a small town feel, with (at least relatively speaking) big city diversity. Over 10% of our population are first- and second-generation immigrants. I love knowing that our girls will be exposed to a variety of languages and cultures in their own backyard.

This weekend we attended our city’s annual International Festival. Represented were 22 countries!

It was a great day for a festival, as we FINALLY got our first taste of beautiful fall weather. The girls had a blast at all the sights and sounds, and of course – the tastes!

They got to see all sorts of beautiful colors and patterns in the native attire of a lot of the attendees.

They swayed to the enchanted sounds of a Celtic band, grooved along with the Flamenco dancers, and were mesmerized by the pretty umbrellas that the Japanese performers used.

They also rather enjoyed a couple of snacks. They were all about a Bosnian-style gyro, and they were licking their fingers and asking for “More!” Armenian walnut pastries.

(They also enjoyed the dancing fountains, the origin of which I’m not sure of…HA!)

We all had a fantastic morning, but we did have one funny thing happen…I caught a lady smiling and pointing out the girls to her family. Before I knew it, she was taking pictures of them.

They were pretty cute in their new fall tunics and patchwork hats, if I do say so, but I didn’t expect them to be tourist attractions! (But you know this proud mama didn’t really mind.) :)


Posie Patchwork said...

Sounds fantastic & multicultural. I can imagine twins still drawing a crowd!! Love Posie

Christina said...

Cute pictures, glad you guy had fun!! :)

JenM said...

Sounds like fun!

Quadmama said...

What a fun time! (You handle pictures by strangers better than I do!)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. isn't it funny how much attention they draw when the go out. i like to watch the faces of the newer parents: it's almost like you can see the pity and relief simultaneously while they feel sorry for us and think "at least i only have one". little do they know they are missing out:)

reanbean said...

Your town sounds just like what I'd like for my kids, but it's hard to find a town with that kind of diversity AND good public schools in our area. Very sad. I realize we'll have to do more to expose Tiny and Buba to other cultures and languages. Perhaps a town nearby has a festival like the one you all attended. I'll have to look into it.