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June 1, 2015


When I think of "matchy-matchy", I generally think about dressing twins alike.  When we went to the zoo this weekend, though, I realized it was not just the girls who were dressed similarly.

Granted, when I spotted these shirts for the girls, I kinda fell in love with them.  I could just envision them with their khaki capris or denim walking shorts.

And then I paused to chuckle, thinking that's just what I'd wear.

I didn't consciously dress us all alike on Sunday, but I had to chuckle again to realize we were all wearing the same stripe...three-quarter-length sleeves...and denim capris.  Hee hee!

And it made me smile even more when B said, "Let me put my sunglasses up like you, too!"

I just need some pink sneakers, and we'll be set!



Kristen @ Hope Abound said...

It's funny because my girls are starting to want to dress like me...skirts, sneakers, etc. They even do the sunglass thing. I love having twins!

Yetunde said...

Love it. Mandy and her mini-mes :)

One of my sisters had a theory that we all dress our kids subconsciously like ourselves (and mold their sense of style) and I kinda agree. I love the non-obvious mother-daughters matchy thing A LOT!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Love the non-matchy matchiness!

K wants to be me!!! And she LOVES when we dress the same - I will post on FB soon.