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June 26, 2015

Playing Some B-Ball

The girls participated in their first-ever summer camp this week.  They attended basketball camp at the high school where Hubby teaches, from 8:30 – 10:30, the first three days of this week.

They were the smallest ones there, but that didn’t stop their FUN.  Daddy was there to watch everything, and I got the highlights.

On Monday, they had to dribble the length of the court and back.  Hubby told me that B was the last one to finish, and as she did so, all the other kids were chanting her name.  How cute!

On Tuesday, they had a pick-up game.  Hubby told me that the bigger kids weren’t being very gracious with sharing the ball.  When A finally got a turn, he said she took off…forgetting the dribbling…she RAN!

And after Day 2, my A told me, “Mommy, I had to reach up really high to give the big kids a high five.”  HA!

The kiddos did a warm-up “shuffle”.  The girls practiced SO hard to get it down…to the point that that’s how they wanted to walk on Tuesday night…everywhere they went.

On Wednesday, Baby A did the shuffle with the best of them.  Hubby said that Baby B took her sweet, methodical time, the last one to finish, but she did not miss a step.  Hee hee!

For the last 45 minutes or so on Wednesday, I came to see the girls in action.  I got to see my A being incredibly serious as she was guarded by a 10-year old boy. 

(She told me that morning, “Mommy, the pictures you take of me will be blurry, I’ll be running so fast.”  She was right!)

(I did not LITERALLY mean to take a blurry picture.  Mommy Camera Fail #1,749.)

And then, when her drill was over and she saw me, she RAN to me and LAUNCHED HERSELF into my arms.

And then I got to see my B doing a skills test.  She was concentrating some kind of hard, alternating a very serious look with a huge smile.

And every night when the girls told me about their day, I had to smile at them calling the high school kiddos, “my coaches”.

The girls had a great me…got to interact with some great kiddos…and maybe even learned some skills.  What a fun treat for our summertime!


cat said...

Look how tiny they are against the other kids and they did so well! Great going girls

Trisha Hargrove said...

Oh I love seeing this, my girls played upward basketball for the first time this winter and they LOVED it. It was pretty entertaining to watch, too! My favorite was when they would forget to dribble, lol. And my family from Kentucky would agree with that is king there :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love that J's so active and I LOVE that the girls can share this with him.

Well done, A and B :)

Mrs FF said...

Ha ha ha I had a good laugh at A running with the ball. Why dribble when you can just dash off ha ha ha ha