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June 19, 2015

Another Milestone in the Tooth Department

Although I'm tracking considerably ahead of where I was last year, I still haven't blogged to the degree that I'd like to.  When I glance through the {short} list of posts I've published over the last couple of months, there's definitely a recurring theme.  Teeth.  Specifically, the lack thereof.

Baby A lost her first tooth without me, at school.

Baby B lost her first tooth...FINALLY!

And Baby B lost her second tooth, with a great degree of nonchalance.

I'm writing today about Baby A again (which I just notice puts the balance back to 50-50...such a "twin mom" thing to think!).  A's front tooth has been on the cusp of coming in for a few weeks now.  Every day, I'd check to see if it had broken through.

On Sunday night, when we were in Alabama, it happened.  She was SO excited!!!  "We have to celebrate!" she said immediately.  (I didn't follow up on that one, though...if we celebrate both the loss of teeth and the addition of new ones, we'll be taking out a second mortgage before the girls hit third grade.)

Still, it's been really fun to see her tooth slowly make its way into the world over the past couple of days.  Fun...and (oddly?) kind of emotional for me.  It just feels like a HUGE milestone away from babyhood.  And it feels pretty groundbreaking to witness the emergence of this precious little [big] tooth that will be front and center of her face from here on.

It took me a couple of days to snap a picture of the evidence.  Here's what I got...

I guess if I get too sentimental and weepy, I can just look at that second picture.  No way can I keep from cracking up.  This kiddo is growing up, yes.  But the sense of humor that comes with that is a pretty awesome benefit.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think she's tapped into your sentimentality and knows she can score some extra ice-cream from the teeth coming in :)

Smart girl!

Mrs FF said...

Ha ha ha we have to celebrate! Good one baby but nope mommy didn't fall for that!