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June 4, 2015

We Made Up for It with the Celebration

Baby B lost her first tooth a few weeks ago.  It was one she’d worked on for a long time, it seemed.  Not only was I not surprise by it coming out…I was begging her to end the process.

Yesterday, B got up and said her tooth was really loose.  She took a tissue (as I had encouraged her to do with her first tooth) and wiggled and pulled.  This time, I encouraged her not to rush it.  “You can wiggle it, but don’t pull or twist.  It will come out when it’s ready,” I told her, inwardly wincing.

I didn’t think another thing about it.

I went to work, came home, and then played outside with the girls for a few minutes.  We came in and decided to have a quick shower before supper.  Nonchalantly, B told me, “I lost my tooth at lunch today.”


No phone call to Mommy at work?  No waiting with baited breath to show Mommy your new smile?

I was truly surprised how in-stride B took everything.

We went ahead with our supper plans, and then I had an idea.  I decided to load the girlies up after supper and take them for ice cream.  We’ve never gone somewhere AFTER supper…we’re usually rushing to get ready for bed.  The girls were incredulous when I told them the surprise.

As we drove to the ice cream shop, the girls began to ask, “Can I have the cookie thing?”  I don’t know that they’ve ever had a sundae there before, which includes a huge dinosaur cookie, but they’ve seen other kids have it.  Of course I said yes.

Our first pic minus TWO teeth!
The girls were giggly and cuddly and so sweet.  I loved everything about it, including the opportunity to snap some pictures in the late-day sun.

Waiting in line...

HUGS in anticipation of ice cream!

Big snaggly smiles!!!
Enjoying our treat!

Biting to the side!

Giggles at Sissy!

 I hate I missed the event itself, but we made up for it with the celebration!


cat said...

Oh you certainly did! Love the very beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Aren't kids with gappy smiles just the cutest. Mine are too little to have lost teeth yet, but I just think it's one of those milestone events that are a part of growing up - love that you celebrate it - for you as much as for them!!! #twinklytuesday

Caro Davies said...

Aaah such lovely pics!!! My boys are 2 so their teeth are coming through — it's weird to think of them losing them!!! :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — please could you add the Twinkly Tuesday badge to your post or sidebar?

Caro |

Sadia said...

It shocks me sometimes how matter-of-fact my littles are about what I see as major milestones. And sometimes, the shock of seeing how big A&B have gotten reminds me to look at my girls and marvel at the same.

Love you, friend. I almost sent you a note asking you to call me yesterday, but I managed to talk myself through an awkward work moment. And thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!