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February 8, 2013

Left Brain-Right Brain Theory

You know the left brain-right brain theory?  That each of us is more governed by one side of the brain?   

That left-brainers tend to be more proficient in logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning?  That right-brainers tend towards emotion, intuition, and creativity?

And you remember the grade school “test”…cross your arms, and which one is on top?  Fold your hands together, and which thumb is on top of the other?

I don’t know how much validity there is to this theory and these “tests”, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of them in the way that Baby A has begun to grasp my hands.

Once upon a time, I know she grasped my index finger with her tiny hand as I helped her toddle across the floor of the den.

And then, since she’s been walking proficiently, I’ve held her entire hand in mine as we’ve gone up and down the stairs, braved our way across parking lots, and held our course at the mall.

Over the last couple of weeks, though, things have evolved.

She will no longer permit me to hold her entire hand in mine.  No, she has to hold my hand more “traditionally”, as an “equal”, so to speak.  And she will not take the first step until her thumb is on top of mine.

She does this with her right and her left hands, so I don’t mean to suggest that she has a dominant side…but I’m afraid this might be another sign of her dominant personality!  At a mere four years old, she already has to have the upper hand thumb.

Well, upper hand thumb or not, Missy, you’re still holding Mommy’s hand through the parking lot…until you’re at least 25…


cat said...

So sweet. Btw did you know I am what is called at true ambi- my brain halves tests equal.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

HA! She's testing :)

I'm sure it's no surprise to find I test like a male - all logic and reason and not much in the way of feelings...

ps i'm sending you my list in a few minutes

championm2000 said...

I definitely think there is something to the idea that people have a natural tendency towards one area or the other (this coming from a self-proclaimed right-brainer).

Isn't it neat to see their personalities and tendencies develop??

Have a great (right or left brained) weekend!

Mandy said...

There must be something to that!
Thankfully the ladies are still finger holders, I'm not ready for the power struggle yet!

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to think about it in terms of transitions. our kids have started to call us MOM and DAD on a regular basis. i find myself wanting to tell them that my name is MOMMY, not MOM! ha! but they are definitely coming into their own.

your little gal just wants you to know that she can do it. :) she's a big girl now, you know? she's four!!! :)