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February 11, 2013


This morning our friends M&C came to play for a bit.  While I wouldn't feel comfortable enough to get up to my elbows making meatballs...or something equally as messy / time-consuming, requiring dedicated time in the's such a blessing to see our girls playing so well with their friends.

The train set, as usual, was a huge hit.  

I snapped this picture, noting to myself how quiet it was at that point in time.  They were all moving around each other seamlessly, driving their trains, adjusting the tracks.  It was pretty incredible, if you ask me!

We also played a lot of picnic and grocery store, and we did a couple of different craft projects.

Between that, snack, and lunch, the morning truly flew by.

I can't help but feel so thankful for such fantastic friends, and I can't help but fast-forward in my mind from time to time, knowing how special it will be to see them all grow up together.  :)  :) 

These four little sweethearts definitely make my Monday!

1 comment:

Brad Jenkins said...

Couches - check.
Train set - check.
Kitchen set - check.
Outfits - check.

Are our possessions identical?