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February 18, 2013

Super Stuff on a Monday

Woo hoo!!!  Look who's back on track with her weekly posts???!!!  Let's just hope I can keep it up!  Here's a look at some of the things that made my week pretty super...

1)      At M&C’s birthday pary (in October!), the girls got super bouncy balls as party favors.  Since it was turning cold, I tucked them away, and I’d kinda forgotten about them...but, as the girls were digging out their outside toys on a blissfully sunny afternoon, they asked to play with them.  It just so happened that Daddy was pulling into the driveway, so we all four got to join in the fun.  The girls had a BLAST, and so did we!!!  They were giggling and cackling the entire time, bouncing the balls and then running after them.  Such fun!!!

2)      Several months ago, I took the girls by myself for haircuts (the three of us share one appointment time).  It was not exactly a relaxing experience.  The girls were fidgety while I was getting my hair cut, and it made me all sorts of nervous.  I told Hubby that he would have to accompany us from now on.  We had to cancel an appointment a couple of weeks ago when the girls were sick, though, and the only reschedule I could get was mid-morning on Friday.  I told the girls about it Friday morning, and I was surprised that B volunteered, “Mommy, I need to behave better this time than when it was the three of us last time.”  Yes, you do!  I told the girls we’d go out for lunch if everyone behaved nicely.  And I took their magnetic drawing pads to occupy them while I was in the chair.  The girls did an awesome job!!!  They continued their good behavior through lunch, too.  It was a fantastic morning, and I was so proud!!!

3)      We met our sweet friend Ms. Mary for lunch on Saturday.  The girls were so excited to see her, but they were a little disappointed she didn’t have her puppy Max with her at the restaurant…HA!  Baby A wore her “L-O-V-E” socks, she said, “Because I love Max!  I am so thankful to have such sweet friends in our town, people who know and love our girls.

4)      Ms. Mary brought the girls helium balloons for their birthday a few weeks ago, but before we even got in the house, one escaped toward the clouds.  She felt terrible, and brought the girls new balloons to lunch on Saturday.  They were elated!  At least for a little bit, I let them run around the house with their balloons…they thought it was the greatest fun ever!

5)      A few times I caught the girls, one of them holding a helium balloon very seriously, them both gazing up and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  I know this discipline comes from school, where they take turns holding the flag, but it just cracked me up.

6)      One morning the girls were pretending to have a party.  They were talking about their guest list, and I heard them mention “Sasha and Malia” (Obama).  I thought that was too funny, as it was almost a month ago that we watched the inauguration, and we haven’t mentioned the Obama girls since then.  Their minds are steel traps, for sure!

7)      And one of my favorite quotes of the week came from Baby B, "Everyone should love books, right, Mommy?"  Yes, dear…the world surely would be a better place.

8)      I’ve been working with the girls on the sounds that letters make for probably the past year, but they’ve recently become near-obsessed.  So many times a day, at random, they’ll call out a word and focus on the first letter, “Rubber band…ruh-ruh-ruh…’R’!  I think it’s all sorts of awesome.

9)      I was listening to the girls set up some pretend scenario.  I had to laugh when I heard B, sounding like such a grown-up, say to her sister, “Oh, just whatever you think, Sissy!
10)   And then I had to laugh at A, sounding so grown-up, too.  She had said something to her sister at the table that I didn’t quite catch.  I asked her what she’d said, and she told me, “Oh, just such and such.”  Hahaha!

These girlies always keep me on my toes, and so often times, in stitches.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the "such and such"

I have a post in mental drafts that you've just reminded me to actually write and post - Ms Mary reminded me":)

Do you just get their and your hair trimmed?

cat said...

Oh gosh, they are cute! You will never regret blogging these for the record.

Mrs FF said...

They are growing up. And getting sassy - such and such , just whatever you think! So grown up :)