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February 15, 2013

Fab Friday (at last!)!!!

UGH!!!  Here I am, behind again!!!  But…despite the R-U-N-N-I-N-G that has been this week, I’m so thankful for those little moments that make time stop…

1)      We transitioned the girls a couple of weeks ago to regular blankets…moving away from their zipper blankets for the first time in their little lives.  (Sniff, sniff!)  After the first couple of sleeps, they’ve done great, and it’s just priceless to see Baby A when she wakes up.  She rarely gets out of her bed without balling up her blanket to give it a big hug. 

2)      Baby A is very particular about certain things, and she can’t stand to see someone with their sleeves rolled up.  As soon as I push my sleeves up and she zeroes in on it, she makes a beeline for me.  Here, Mommy…just let me help you with these sleeves.  Hahaha!

3)      The girls have been really fixated on time zones lately.  They love to call out a state or country and ask, “What time is it in India  / China / Australia / Brazil right now? 

4)      Daddy calls most days during his lunch break to check on the home front.  He always speaks to each of the girls for a minute or two, and I can tell that he often asks about the morning’s behavior.  In response to his asking B if she’d been in timeout, she responded, “No, not that I know of!  [I might note she has selective memory at times.  HA!]

5)      One night, as I put B in her bed and wished her goodnight, she grabbed my hand.  Mommy, I love you so much I just can’t believe it,” she told me.  Cue tears from this mama!

6)      We had such a fun time playing with our friends M&C on Monday.  I still marvel how well the four kiddos play together.  We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends!!!

7)      When M&C were here, they asked about the play “intercom” on our toy cash register.  I explained how you use it to make announcements in a store…like if someone broke some eggs, you might hear an announcement, “Cleanup on aisle 10, please!  I was momentarily stunned when the kids later started yelling, “There’s a broken egg on the couch!  Clean it up!  I was SO thankful to realize they were only pretending.  And it’s cracked me up [no pun intended] all week at how this has been a recurring theme.

8)      I overheard B ask A, "Sissy, did you bite me?" "No, I kissed you," she replied.  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself…but really…if you have to ask, we have a problem. ;)

9)      One day B was making a futile attempt to demand something of A, but A was ignoring her.  Then, from B, I heard, "Mommy, she's not responding to me!"  I can't help you there, Sister. I don't respond without a "please", either...HA!

10)   The girls got an awesome new book from Aunt Alison for their birthday, The Snail and theWhale.  That no doubt prompted B’s random poetic observation: "Snails are small experts at drawing, because they slither and leave a trail.”  

Hoping to be back on track I sure don't want to miss a beat!

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Mandy said...

A must never cross paths with C during winter. C will be the kid living in shorts and t-shirts all year I fear. I could tolerate the rolling of the sleeves but now she's added pants too! We've transitioned to skirts for the time being so people don't think my child is crazy!