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February 6, 2013

Super Seven Stuff on a Non-Alliterative Wednesday

This last week has been a challenging one, with one sick baby, and then two, followed by a puny-feeling mama.  Still, I am very thankful for the glimmers of great in the midst of the glop.

1)      I took B to the pediatrician last Monday, and he wanted to test her for the flu.  He told her he was going to “tickle her nose”.  I added my standard line, “It will only tickle for a second, and then it will be all over.”  When she didn’t fuss a bit, he was so impressed…that, on top of no crying last week when they got their four-year old shots.  I saw him mouth the word “amazing” to himself as he jotted a note in her chart.  Proud mama!

2)      I didn’t realize that B knew the general steps in baking a potato, but it was so cute to observe her “cooking” in her kitchen one day.  She pretended to peel a plastic potato with a plastic knife.  (Her technique was relatively accurate!)  She then emptied a plastic bag of some wooden pieces and used it as foil to wrap the potato and put it in the oven.  Of course I don’t bake potatoes once they’re peeled, but I appreciated her attention to detail!!!

3)      One night after supper, Sasha was lounging in front of the fireplace.  In order for the girls not to disturb her, I suggested they sit on the couch and read her a book.  B picked a “Splat” book, one I didn’t realize she’d memorized.  She “read” it, word for word, to Sasha.  She said she chose it for Sasha since it was about a cat.  So sweet!

4)      The girls and I were playing Go Fish last week.  We went through the pictures of all the different kinds of sea life, the majority of which were already familiar to the girls.  Despite that, they kept asking each other for jellyfish, saying, “Sissy, do you have any jellybeans?  Perhaps a Freudian slip???

5)      Part of our ailments last week included some GI issues.  I’ll spare any more details, but the answer to one question was, “I have a skunk in my belly."  I could almost believe that!  

6)      It always baffles me a little bit…and certainly warms my heart…when one baby calls me on behalf of the other one, even in the middle of the night from their perfectly dark bedroom, “Mommy!  Sissy needs her nose wiped!

7)      More on this to come, but we made the spur-of-the-moment decision to transition the girls from the zipper blankets they’ve known since they were born to regular, “big girl” blankets.  The looks on their faces were priceless…they were so proud!!!

[I wrote this back on Monday, but I'm just now sitting down to post it.  The girls are well, except for finishing up their coughs.  I am much better, but still snotty and tired.  How many days 'til spring???  Ah, well...this, too, shall pass!]


Carrie said...

So sorry about your rough week! Glad everyone is on the mend. It's always 100 times worse when mama is sick too. We have been fortunate this winter and have only been sick around Christmas. Although we leave for AZ in two weeks and I'm almost hoping we get sick before we leave so we can just get it over with!

Mandy said...

Phil said early spring, but I'm not holding my breath there. So glad you're all on the mend. Can you believe I'm still holding on to the remnants of the plague? I just want to feel alive again.
P.S. I was almost appalled to think you baked potatoes sans skins. Thats just wrong, although delicious when diced with olive oil...

cat said...

Sorry you had a week of sick. And mine also acts on behalf of each other

cat said...

Sorry you had a week of sick. And mine also acts on behalf of each other

cat said...

Sorry you had a week of sick. And mine also acts on behalf of each other

championm2000 said...

I like jelly beans much better than jellyfish, too!

Sorry to hear that you and yours have been under the weather as of late (can you tell I'm a bit behind).

I hope the bug (and skunks) have left the building!

Anonymous said...

so sorry that you guys have all been under the weather.

BUT i have to say that i am impressed that she did great with the flu test. i HATE that. i always feel like i am touching someone's brain. and everyone freaks out!!!! good job over there!! :)