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February 24, 2013


We somehow haven't spent much time outside over the past three months.  It's been cold...and we've been busy...and oh, how I've missed walking in the neighborhood with the girls!!!  We have been out and about, but -- in hindsight -- I realize that we've spent the few warmer days at the park or the zoo.

It hasn't been super warm the past couple of weeks, but we've at least had some beautiful sunshine, and we've gotten out a handful of times to enjoy our ~two-mile trek through the 'hood.

Last week when we got home from one of our walks, Daddy was just pulling into the driveway from work.  The girls asked if we could stay outside and play for a bit, and it was so nice to have Daddy join us.

The girls started pilfering around their bin in the garage, looking at their pinwheels, chalk, bubbles, and kites that haven't seen daylight in quite a while.  One of them stumbled across some bouncy balls that they got as a party favor at M&C's birthday [in October...gulp!].

The girls had never played with bouncy balls before...and seeing their utter delight reminded me how much I loved bouncy balls as a kid.

Every day since, the girls have asked about the weather..."Is it warm enough for a walk today???  And then can we play with bouncy balls???"

It's such a simple pleasure...the thrill of throwing a ball and watching it bounce super high. 

Which way will it go?  
Which ball will bounce higher?  
Can I catch it?  
I don't want it to boink me in the head!

These two simple bouncy balls have been a great reminder to's often the simple things, especially when experienced for the first time, that bring such wonderment to a child [and a mama].

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Mandy said...

Guess who never "got" bouncy balls? This girl right here! I was more annoyed than entertained.
Oh how I can't wait for some warmer weather! If it's going to be cold I should at least be buried in snow!