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February 19, 2013

If You'd Sit Still, I Could Learn to Do Your Hair!

I must have heard that phrase from my mom 1,000 times when I was growing up..."If you'd sit still, I could learn to do your hair.  I need to practice!"

As tender-headed as I was, I wasn't about to sit still for much practicing...I just wanted my hair to magically morph into beautiful braids, I guess.

It didn't, of course...and I spent the majority of my childhood with straight hair, sometimes pulled into a ponytail or pigtails.

It's only recently that I finally understood my mom's strife.  I never learned to French braid hair, and -- while I understand the concept -- there's no way the girlies are going to sit still long enough for me to practice.

I see all these adorable "hairstyles for girls" pins on Pinterest...but I don't dare to even click them.  I'd have better luck learning to knit...which is a real long-shot!

Still, I got a brainwave over the weekend, and B was mesmerized enough by looking at our binder-ringed Christmas cards to let me do it.

It's not rocket science, by far...and I still need some practice, even to do this...but I was pretty proud of my creation.

You know what they say, "If you can't braid 'em, join 'em,"...or something like that.


cat said...

Very very pretty! Think I need to try this one. ANd even at 8 we still struggle with A to sit still

Mrs FF said...

Lovely! Things we take for granted. I learnt to braid using my sister's doll before i was 10 and then in boarding school since we the girls did each other's hair I got even better

Deanna said...

I love it!! Since the girls' hair is short again, I've had to remind them that the only braids I can do are french braids. I'm getting a little faster...and letting them watch tv while I do it helps a ton! : )