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February 25, 2013

Super Stuff on a Monday

So much FABULOUS stuff this week…I love it!!! 

1)      We had pretty chilly weather a good part of the week, but we’ve been able to get out for walks several times this weekend.  It’s been great!

2)      The girls have been putting things into perspective in terms of time.  It cracks me up when they say, “A long time ago, when I was three…  HA!

3)      Still, we have some work to do as far as days and weeks and months go.  It’s not uncommon, in the context of them playing birthday party, to overhear, “Elphie’s birthday is today.  He is five.  He will be six in 17 months.”

4)      The girls got “fuzzy socks” for Christmas, and Baby A has been downright obsessed with them.  She puts on a pair first thing in the morning.  If we go somewhere during the day, she takes them off and “saves” them somewhere so she can put them back on when we get home.  We now have a total of four pairs, but we still occasionally run short.  A couple of nights, the very last thing A has said to me as I tucked her in was, “Wash my fuzzy socks.”  Top of mind!!!

5)      At school the girls learned about what makes their teeth "happy" and "sad". We were discussing different foods over supper, and Baby A wisely surmised, "Ice cream makes my teeth sad, but my it makes my tummy happy!"

6)      At the dentist on Wednesday, both girls did such a great job.  Baby B finished before her sister, and she walked over to her chair.  Good job of being patient, Sissy!” she told her.

7)      The girls had a great report at the dentist, and we enjoyed a super-special snack at Panera afterwards…it always feels so very special to hang out in “coffee shop mode” (even for 15 minutes) with my girls. 

8)      I love how the girls pick up on our lexicon.  I asked A to get the phone for me, and she replied, “I would gladly do that.”  Another time she answered me with, “Yes, indeed!

9)      Baby A has been admiring everything I have lately.  She’s said so many times, “Mommy, when I get older will you buy me ….” referring to anything and everything I’m wearing or using….a jacket like this / a shirt like this / a sweater like this / toothpaste like this / a hairdryer like this.

10)   The girls were playing "vet" with their stuffed animals, and A came running in..."Snoopy is 9 inches taller than his sister! And they're twins!!!" Baby A is almost three inches taller than B, and she's quite proud of it...obviously. ;)

11)   For the longest times, the girls were bringing home scribbles from preschool, done during free time at their art station.  I’ve encouraged them to take their time and draw something…and I am so proud this week that they’ve been bringing home actual pictures!  Baby A has drawn numerous cats, and B told me her creation was a “whiskered walrus” when I picked her up on Thursday.  HA!

12)   It belongs in another post entirely, but – as a HUGE surprise – Miss Demara, M&C’s mom, kept the girls for what sounds like a very awesome play date on Friday while I was pampered beyond my imagination at the SPA.  The girls had such a big time at their house…they’re still talking about every little detail.  (And I, of course, am still reveling in the spa treatment!)

13)   The girls were so sweet in celebrating my birthday.  They sang to me multiple times, and they even made up a song (sorta-kinda) about Sasha and me.

14)   It was B’s turn to choose the night-night story on Sunday night, and I had to jot down what she told me as I was brushing A’s teeth: “I originally chose “Kitty’s Colorful Day”, but I decided instead to read the butterfly book.”  I love the way she expressed herself!

15)   At random, B said one day, "Raw peppers are my favorite vegetable."  I tried not to grin too broadly…I didn’t want to let on how happy that makes me!

16)   I just love listening to the girls talk to each other.  I had to jot down one exchange from this morning, as B laid out the game plan:  My idea is that we’ll have breakfast, and then Mommy wipes us up, and then while Mommy drinks her coffee, we’ll go on a train ride.  You bring your directions, and I’ll bring mine.”  It made me laugh that, as they were talking about such big plans, they still included, “…Mommy wipes us up.  HA!

17)   For the longest time, Baby A has been abbreviating words…her way of making a cute little diminutive form.  Here’s a sampling from the week…”Fuzz-ahs” = fuzzy socks…”Fluff-ahs” = fluffy jackets…and “Let me run pod” = potty.  Said in her ever-baby voice…I find it completely irresistible.

18)   And one day, at random, B said, "Daddies know everything!  What about mommies?” I asked.  And then, somewhat reluctantly, she said, "Um, yeah, mommies, too.”  I guess I’ll take it???

[I tried to write in bullet-point format as best I could...but it was hard!]


Brad Jenkins said...

I love how they pick up things we say frequently, even if we're not aware of it. "Actually", apparently, is one word we say often and B has incorporated it into her vocabulary. She also informs us of how she and H have eaten. Options are pretty well, really well, decently, and not so well.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

YESSSS to number 9. Kendra does the same to me. I say yes to everything :)

I love how A's so proud of how much taller she is.

I can just HEAR you, Mandy, in your kids - it's so lovely! makes me smile big :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Ok my bloggy-friend...I had to do it. I've been saving posts in my reader FOREVER to catch up on and comment on and i had yet to get to yours...and now there are over 20 posts. I had to mark 'all read" and just catch up on the most recent to prevent some kind of anxiety attack and the pressure of reading them all! ha!

You wrote about time - anything 'past tense' to Adam is "yesterday" for him! ha! i.e. We saw Santa yesterday! ;-)

I got some fuzzy socks for Christmas and my daughter is JEALOUS! She wants some! I might just have to give her mine :-)

Ice cream makes my tummy happy, too! :-)

a Spay Day!?!?! now I'm jealous...what I'd give for a facial, massage and mani or pedi right about now!!!

Sorry I'm so far behind - these classes are taking up ALL of my computer/blog time these days! :-( But I'm getting smart, right? ha!

cat said...

Oh I love these little snippets of your day to day life.

Mrs FF said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!! A long time ago when I was 3!!!!!!!! That is so funny.

And yes she will buy you tonnes and tonnes when she is big

Thanks for sharing