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August 11, 2012

Super Stuff on a Saturday

Lots of super-fabulous stuff in our week!

1)      Almost every day we drive past a cattle farm, and the girls love to wave to the cows.  One day there was a huge fiberglass cow in one of the fields, next to the road, advertising Angus beef.  The girls saw it and were very excited.  Is it a little toy for the cows to play with?” Baby A asked. 

2)      Baby A discovered this week that she is tall enough to flip the light switch on.  She can barely, barely reach it…she really has to stretch…but the look on her face the first time she discovered it was absolutely priceless!

3)      We met our sweet friend Rachel and her baby girls E&L at the fabric store on Wednesday.  A&B were so excited to choose a dachshund-print that Rachel is making into a blanket for them.  Afterwards we walked to Starbucks for a mid-morning treat.  The girls were pretty content to sit there with their milk and bagel while we all chatted.  It was such a great morning!

4)      Wednesday afternoon we met our friends K&S and their mom Jenny for yogurt.  I’m always amazed to see four kiddos sitting so nicely together…something I wouldn’t have dreamed of just a year ago!

5)      It’s an entire post to itself, but I’m so thankful the girls had a great time at their preschool open house on Thursday.  To celebrate, the three of us went to lunch downtown.  It was a very special day!

6)      Baby A was folding a couple of small tag blankets that the girls use with their dolls.  I’m folding Abby’s laundry,” she told me.  You are?! I commented, thinking that was so cute.  No, Mommy, I’m just pretending.”  Such a big girl, she is.

7)      After a very noisy morning, playing with Weebles (they make noise on the wood floor, which sends the girls into absolute hysterics), the girls quieted down to walk around the house, talking to each other.  I asked what they were doing.  We’re pretending to look at sculptures,” they told me.  The artistry must have been riveting, as they were at it for a while!

8)      Friday afternoon was gorgeous!  It was just over 80 degrees!!!  The girls took a glorious nap (yes, angels were singing), and we met Daddy at the park when he got out of school.  We ran and played and had a great time…and then we were so happy to see our neighbors, A&B’s friends A&M and their brother J, walking up.  I love the neighborhood feeling!  And I love seeing the girls with their little friends!

9)      Friday when we got home from the park, the girls went straight into the tub, while I jumped in the shower.  I stepped out of the shower to two girls with huge smiles on their faces.  Come see what we made!  Um…what???  It’s a surprise!  Come see!  I was very thankful to see that they’d figured out how to get two Easter eggs into a large cup that was balanced on the bottom of the tub.  Whew!

10)   Saturday morning, B woke up a few minutes early.  She wasn’t calling for me, but I could hear her singing, “Here comes the sun, little darling / here comes the sun / and I say / it’s all right / hum-hum-hum.”

11)   The girls have a dentist appointment on Monday, their first since they were 18 months old.  We’ve been talking about it, and they’ve been practicing showing all their teeth.  They open their mouths super wide…but with it they also open their eyes super wide, too.  All I can think of is “The Shining”.  I hope the dentist isn’t scared!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I loved all your moments. When I read about the fabric store, I went "what? she's sewing?" :)

Also, so glad your surprise in the bath was good :)

What you were expecting I got.... yes! I about freaked.

Barbara Manatee said...

I saw the post on FB about the comment from the bathtub. ha! Glad it wasn't what you thought!

I love hearing the kids' songs and chatter in the morning....although lately its just plain LOUD instead of sweet and sentimental. Ha! Boys are SO much louder than girls!