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August 9, 2012

A Letter to the Preschool

I have been working to complete the girls’ paperwork for them to start preschool next week.  The last form invites the parents to share any additional information about their child that may be helpful to the staff.

An invitation?  For me??  To share about my girls???  Why, I’m SO glad you asked!!!

I wrote a nice letter, noting what I thought was pertinent background information…that this preschool experience will mark the girls’ first time away from their mama…but that they have spent time over the past 18 months with a sitter, one afternoon a week, and they have grown to love that time…that we have play dates with friends here and there, but preschool will mark their first time in any sort of organized group activity.

I noted our discipline strategy, the “1-2-3 Magic” system of timeouts.  I added that we expect to the girls to behave nicely relative to their age.  We expect good manners and respect for others and the environment.  “While some days are better than others, in general, our girls are well-behaved.”

And I noted that we don’t watch TV and we avoid character marketing, so Dora, Thomas, and any of the Disney characters / princesses are unfamiliar to them.  They’ve had limited exposure to battery-operated toys and electronics.  We look forward to their introduction to technology at preschool, but it’s not been part of our approach at home.

What did I not say?

I resisted the urge to extoll the girls’ brilliance…that Baby A is so incredibly tactile and agile…she can write all her letters and draw some pretty amazing things, that she is the master of blocks and puzzles and kicking and throwing and running.  I didn’t note that Baby B has an uncanny ability to memorize entire books after only a couple of readings, that she loves to learn new songs, and that high fun for her is counting syllables in random phrases.

I didn’t note anything about the girls’ dynamic as relates to each other…that I couldn’t name a “dominant” sister if I tried.  Baby A may come across as “the boss”, but Baby B tends to do more speaking…but don’t ever underestimate Baby A, because she knows the answer to every last question that B jumps to answer.  Baby B seems to be the more outgoing, but she cuts her eyes to her sister and smiles her big, infectious smile as she says, “Sissy…” when she gets nervous…that Baby B often concedes to Baby A’s wishes, but only to a point…she’ll stand her ground fiercely at times.

No, I thought it was fair to leave these things to be discovered by their teachers.

And what I didn’t say was, “Please be careful with my babies.  Protect their elbows and their knees.  Make sure they wash their hands well.”

And please protect their hearts…my sweet babies’ innocent, inquisitive, trusting hearts.    

I know they’ll be fine.  I know they’ll have a blast!  But they’re my babies, and this is what mamas do.   

Thanks for asking.


Mandy said...

Why am I testy eyed for your ladies starting preschool??

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think she means teary eyed because I also got all teary reading that.

I think it's worse now that I've spent some good quality time with them to know exactly what you mean.

What a beautiful letter!

Olusola said...

:) Oh mama, this is probably harder for you than it is for them. I'm impressed with their "unwritten" skills though. They are going to shine in preschool for sure.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

So hard not to include every little detail. You just want them to 'know' them like you do. It helps so much with making them feel comfortable. Haven't blogged about it yet -- but our girls are actually starting pre-school, too. This is a whole year earlier than I had planned, but we found an awesome program and we all just need it! I am as excited as I am very nervous. It's going to be very bittersweet.

cat said...

Oh you did well. We were asked at the beginning of the year for grade 1 for the Princess about their personality and background. It was tough, but in the end I am so glad they did it because I could see through the feedback from her teacher that they really read it and use it. So let 's hope this great letter of yours have the same positive feedback for you.

Best of luck - they will be fine.

championm2000 said...

*sniff. sniff* but I've already told you how this so takes me back to those days before I went back to work...

I love the detail you shared with the teachers and the thoughtfulness behind what you didn't share. Even though you won't be there for preschool, your involvement and awareness of your girls will be evident in everything they do in school.

It's going to be exciting! Can't wait to hear of A & B's amazing adventures!

ally said... gave them such a detailed list!!!
On my last one hen they asked for my hopes for the year (for my child)...I just wrote that I hoped they toilet trained him!!
Hope it all goes well for Aand B

Barbara Manatee said...

oh my goodness! What a precious post and letter! So heartfelt!

Your girls will surely be a joy for their teacher and hopefully they'll love every minute of this new adventure. :-)