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August 20, 2012

For the First Time

For the first time yesterday, we had a truly relaxing evening at a friend’s house.

Not even a year ago, I remember attending a birthday party for our twin friends M&C.  It was on a Saturday morning, a play date / party at their house.  Of course Hubby went with me.  We stayed pretty close to the girlies while they played.  And then when it was time to eat there was the passing of the baton…you stay with the girls while I fix the plates…you eat while the girls are eating…I’ll eat while you stay with the girls.  Whew.

I remember how proud I was the first time I took the girls to a birthday party by myself, late this past December.  The party was for our twin friends K&S, at their house.  The girls played so well in their playroom.  They followed directions when it was time to decorate cupcakes (!!!).  And they sat relatively tall and straight while they ate their lunch.  I was so proud of them…and of me!  I can’t say it was a “relaxing” time, exactly, but we all had a good time.

Yesterday we went to a family cookout, hosted by our dear friends, the parents of sweet little E&L, whom our girls just adore.  They are moving back to Australia in a couple of weeks.  Not only is Rachel one of my great friends, but our families get along so well…all the girlies, and the hubbies, too.  We are going to miss them terribly!

Our girls fell right into playing when we got to their house, and Hubby fell right into [deep] conversation in the backyard.  At first I was a little apprehensive…how do I fix plates and situate kiddos without the help of the hubs?  [His deep conversation apparently resulted in selective hearing and seeing…he seemed oblivious to my requests for backup.]  Taking into account how well the girlies were playing…and that two other families of friends were right there…I decided to make a go of it myself. 

I asked one of my girlfriends if she’d keep an eye on the girls, just to make sure no one made a beeline for the front door.  I fixed our plate – even taking time to assemble a traditional Aussie burger – and, to my delight, the girls were still playing right where I’d left them.  We all ate with minimal mess, and the girls continued to enjoy themselves.

As the night progressed and Hubby became involved in a competitive game of bocce, the girls continued to roll with the punches.  They played nicely with their friends and they shared toys.  Not once did they attempt to scale the open staircase…or climb inside the fireplace…or break any Australian national treasures.  No one escaped through the front door.

As Hubby enjoyed himself in the backyard, I had actual semi-coherent adult conversation with some of my friends, and even some people I didn’t know.  (I say that to say, it generally takes slightly more concentration to speak with someone who may not be accounting for my “baby brain”.)

The girls had a great time.  Daddy had a great time.  And even this mama was able to let her guard down and enjoy herself.

Of course it helps that Rachel’s house is kid-friendly…and that we were surrounded by lots of our friends…twin friends, at that.  Everyone is a well-equipped multi-tasker.  Everyone keeps an eye out for each other.

Despite those footnotes, I’m super proud of our progress!


Julia said...

Hooray! Delighted you were able to enjoy yourself, and relax while A&B played at a friend's house :)

I love how you find things like this to document, because they are a huge deal, but easily forgotten if you don't take a moment to commemorate it :)

And that Aussie burger----that sounds pretty darn yummy! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, you do know I now have Rod Stewart's "for the first time" going round and round in my head? :)


Did you have beetroot on your burger? That is Aussie to me.

I love that you had FUN and I can soooo picture J engaged in DEEP conversation. BTW, please ask him what I was supposed to check for him and I'll do some (informal) research on South Africa for him :)

YAY - the tides are turning!!! One day you'll go out and you won't even see them for hours! Right?

Mandy said...

J deep in conversation-I just can't imagine that LOL!

I'm glad you all enjoyed yourself, but I can't help but think you don't give yourselves enough credit! You or the ladies!

cat said...

You know, it just happens. Just one day you get to a stage ( and possibly a place) where things fall into place and then mom is often the last one to relax, but eventually do.

Well done to you all

championm2000 said...

Definitely a milestone to celebrate!