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August 2, 2012

Mama Loves...Scissors!!!

Hmmm...didn't really expect those words to come out of this mama's mouth, did ya?

Of course I love scissors.  I might have an entire box of different scrapbooking scissors that make my heart flutter with delight.

But I thought it would be at least another five years before I braved the girls having scissors.  (Surely I could trust an eight-year old with kindergarten scissors, right???)

That was until I discovered these amazing gems (thanks to Rebecca!) from Melissa & Doug.

The girls got these in their stockings this past Christmas, when they were just shy of three years old.  It took several rounds of practice, but they got the hang of cutting within a few weeks.

And while we're still working on cutting out shapes, the girls love to practice cutting paper into strips.

And here's B, "helping" me clip coupons while her sister took an extended nap this week.  She was really just practicing with the pages I'd already gone through, but she felt like such a big kid, sitting at the table, "working" beside Mommy.

These scissors are amazing.  They are very blunt...I tried cutting my finger and my hair, just to test, but no blood was drawn, and no locks were lost.  (The things we do for our kids, right?!)  Yet the scissors still do a pretty fair job of cutting paper. 

Each pack comes with two pairs of scissors, a straight edge, and a zigzag.  The girls learned to cut using the straight edge, but even the zigzag has been easy for them to use.

Before I know it, the girls are going to be scrapbooking in earnest, wavy scissors and all!

I'm linking up with Julia at Pontifications of a Twin Mom, for her series, "Mama Loves".  Stop by to check out what other mamas are loving!


Charlene said...

Practicing for all that cutting they will do in preschool :) Cute!

Charlene said...

Practicing for all that cutting they will do in preschool :) Cute!

Olusola said...

Yeah, I did not expect to see that title :) plus you're trying to tell me I have a year to prepare for my girls handling scissors? Yet another thing to be petrified about X2 :)

Mandy said...

I am excited. We have these but I still haven't broken them out.

I'm laughing out loud at the thought of you standing in the kitchen trying to maim yourself with kiddie scissors!

Julia said...

I can't believe you TRIED to cut your finger and your hair!!! That is the ultimate test right there!

Maybe you could market yourself to get paid to run potential kid products through rigorous testing at your home. I'll totally buy these scissors for my girls, because I know that they've been Mandy-tested :)

On a related note----are they right-handed, or left-handed or neutral?

Johanna Baker said...

We have these as well - they had me at 'they don't cut hair'.

As a child, I (the eldest) played barber with my little brother and nearly scalped him. :) I didn't want either of my pretty babies to have home-cut hair!

Barbara Manatee said...

oh! I'll have to find some of those. J&S have 'real' scissors but I haven't let Adam loose with any at home. He's the one I can see cutting open the couch of giving his sister a hair cut! ha!

Good job mama!

championm2000 said...

Pinned them just now!

For when I finally feel my two won't try to eat them, run with them, or poke each other with them...