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June 24, 2012

Super Stuff on a Sunday

It's been a very full week...but a pretty super-fabulous one, if I do say so!

1)      Granddaddy and Emme were in Nashville for a couple of days and we met them for lunch last Saturday at the Aquarium restaurant.  The girls loved watching all the fish swim around…they were full of ooh’s and ahh’s the entire meal.

2)      Before lunch, we walked around the mall and Granddaddy joined us on the carousel.  I loved seeing Baby B snuggled next to him for the ride.

3)      On Sunday, Father’s Day, I made sweet potato pancakes for breakfast.  The girls (and Daddy!) were in complete love.  After breakfast we hiked a new (to us) trail at the park near our house, and then played on the playground a bit.  I thought it was the perfect Father’s Day celebration, just being together.

4)      Sunday night, shortly before bed, we discovered we needed a fuse for the air conditioning.  Daddy jetted off to try to catch the hardware store before it closed, while I put the girls to bed.  It’s rare that we don’t do our bedtime routine as a family of four, but the girls were so very well-behaved for me…the best yet.  And when Daddy came in to wish them a quick goodnight before going back outside, Baby B’s chin got all quivery that he wasn’t staying…melts my heart!

5)      On Tuesday we decided to bank another adventure, this time at the botanical gardens in Nashville.  They have a tree house exhibit up for the summer, and the girls were so excited at the prospect of climbing in and out of “houses in trees”.  We had an awesome morning, taking in all the tree houses, and hiking the nature trail.  We took in a few of the gardens, but tried to stay in the shade as much as we could.

6)      We had a great lunch at the botanical gardens.  The on-site restaurant is called the “Pineapple Room”.  The girls sat like little ladies and ate from the big-people menu.  I had to laugh this week when B asked me, “What’s a mushroom?”  You know what a mushroom is, Silly Girl.  “No, is it like a Pineapple Room?”  Hahaha!

7)      Wednesday our swim lesson was cancelled, and the girls were disappointed.  We took them to the Dairy Queen as a special treat.  [We haven’t been to the DQ in months and months…they think it’s reserved for the utmost special occasions, and I’m willing to let them maintain that view.]  They were SO excited to have a vanilla ice cream there.

8)      One day this week I needed to pick up a few groceries.  I took Baby A with me, while B stayed home with Daddy.  Instead of going through the drive-through at the bank, A and I went inside.  “Will I get a sticker?” she asked.  And the nice teller didn’t disappoint.  I asked A what was on her sticker.  “A light bulb.”  And what’s he wearing?  “Sunglasses.”  What do you call that when an inanimate object has a face like that?  Personification!

9)      While Baby A and I were gone, Baby B worked on writing her letters with her daddy.  She was so proud to show me the E and F she’d written when we got home.

10)   Friday was our wedding anniversary, so we wanted a fun family day.  We ate breakfast out, a very rare treat, and then hiked our favorite local park for a couple of hours.  By then it was time for lunch, and we all enjoyed our favorite sushi restaurant.  I’ve ordered the girls a [cooked] crunchy shrimp roll the past few times we’ve had sushi, and they think they’re such big girls!  And they remembered to tell Mr. Joe, the owner, "Konichiwa!" when we walked in.

11)   Saturday Baby A had constructed a “computer” out of two puzzle boxes.  She was pretending to type emails to all the pets that we know in the neighborhood.  She kept dictating, “[Name], I love you so much and I give you great big hugs, good night!

12)   Daddy occasionally goes to get bagels on Sunday mornings, and sometimes he’ll take one of the girls with him.  This morning I decided to switch things up a bit…I asked the girls if they wanted to come with me.  B was so excited to tell Daddy we were going…”The three of us!  Mommy, B, and A!” 

13)   The girls are getting really good at holding hands.  If I need one hand for something, I can tell them to squeeze each others’ hand really tightly, and they are very focused in not letting go.  At least when it’s not crowded out and about, this makes going and doing so much easier!

Very thankful for many blessings of fabulousness!


reanbean said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a fun day celebrating. :o)

Charlene said...

sounds like you've had a great couple of days!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Well, now, I learnt something too - personification. Those girls are SUPER smart :)

You had a ton of fabulousness this week.

So far today I've had tons of compliments on how friendly and cute and well-mannered my kids are. may this continue the rest of the day :)