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June 11, 2012

Fab Stuff on a Monday

It’s been another busy week at A&B Enterprises!  “Good” busy, but busy, nonetheless.  I have wondered over the past couple of weeks, Is this what it’s like to have older kiddos??? 

Certainly I’ve been “busy” since the day the girls were born, but these days – in particular – seem to be filled with so much adventuring.  It’s so very, very fun…the kind of fun I imagined when I looked forward to having children…but I want to try to take pause and make sure to note the everyday fabulous in the midst of all the fabulous goings and doings.

1)      On Saturday afternoon, I had some one-on-one time with Baby B.  At her request, we went to the yogurt shop for a snack.  She told me she would wait at the table while I fixed her yogurt (like the girls always do).  I told her, since it was just the two of us, she could come with me.  The look on her face was priceless!  She was so very excited to hold her cup, and I even let her get a few mini-M&M’s as a topping.  She was so sweet and appreciative.  She sat like such a big girl, talking up a storm…and saying, “I love you, Mommy,” every few minutes.  Sniff, sniff.

2)      After we got our yogurt, I needed to get the girls some water shoes at the mall.  B and I found what we needed for her, and I let her pick a pair for her sister.  She was so cute, trying to decide which color Baby A would like.

3)      We had our annual family picnic with our MoMs group on Sunday.  We had a lot of play time before supper, in a big field by the pavilion we had reserved.  After everyone had eaten, most of the dads took the kiddos to the playground, while most of the moms cleaned up.  I was so proud of my hubby for marching along with the girls to play…and I was so proud of the girls for going along so gleefully, and not asking why I wasn’t coming.

4)      I sometimes talk to the girls about chemicalswe want to be careful to avoid chemicals in cleaning supplies / when the lawn is treated / when the pest control folks come…because chemicals are not good for our bodies.  It wasn’t completely planned on my part, but I told them one time that we don’t eat fast food because there are chemicals in it.  The girls have held onto that little nugget (no pun intended).  We passed a particular restaurant one day – not a fast food place, but a locally-owned restaurant that I just don’t happen to care for.  The girls asked about it, and I told them the name, but that it wasn’t one of my favorites.  Do they put chemicals in their food, Mommy?” B asked.  It caught me so by surprise…and I couldn’t help but cackle.

5)      Tuesday morning was pretty crisp, and I asked the girls if they’d like to go for a walk in the stroller.  Those are rare these days, but they really enjoyed it…seeing sights we hadn’t seen in a while…bundled up in their stroller blankets (although it wasn’t THAT cold).  And I sure enjoyed the workout.

6)      We took the girls to our local dairy barn to see the “Transit of Venus” on Tuesday.  I can’t say they were very impressed with the magnitude of the eclipse, but they sure did enjoy their supper, with fresh milk and ice cream for dessert...joined by several of their little friends from our MoMs group.

7)      We had the girls’ three-year pictures made on Wednesday.  Spur of the moment, I decided to take their pink overalls to change into after their fancy dresses.  They were so excited to wear them…and I sure hope that excitement resulted in some smiling faces!

8)      The girls are still having a blast with their swimming lessons, but they still aren’t very keen on getting their faces wet.  I can’t help but laugh when I’m trying to encourage them.  NO, MA’AM!!!” they’ll exclaim so vehemently.  At least they’re being polite in their disdain…I guess???

9)      Much more to come on our trip…but while we were at the zoo on Friday, Baby B schooled her daddy.  He was looking up in the trees, pointing to “monkeys”.  NO!!!  Daddy!!!  That’s a red panda!!!  She was right!

10)   And just to make an even 10…we had a super-duper-really-fantastic trip to Memphis this week, our first mini-vacay of the summer!  But that’s another fabulous list…


Julia said...

The chemicals in the food comment made me chuckle :) It's amazing the things that kids hang onto, isn't it? I'm learning that every day as the girls tack on words to their vocabulary.

A friend of mine took her daughter (20 months old) to swimming lessons the other day. When they dunked her (per the teacher's instructions) she came out of the water and said, "I'm pissed" clear as day :-O (apparently that's grandma's favorite phrase to say). Your girls ARE very well mannered in their disdain---love it! :)

Sounds like a fantastic week! Look forward to hearing more about your trip to Memphis!! :)

Beth said...

What a fabulous list!

I love the little one on one trip. Isn't it interesting how different it is?

All five kids start their swim lessons next week. Will has taken them before, but this will be the first time for the quads. I'm anxious to see what they think about them :-)

Mandy said...

I think we are half over water in the face. I started asking them to kiss the pool water and it worked like a charm. It was hard to keep back the desire to push them in though!

I really struggle separating the girls for one on one time. They don't like to part, and staying with Dad is always so much more of a treat. Sigh. I'll just enjoy my alone time...

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the No Ma'am :) Such well mannered and polite young ladies!

(I'm a sucker for good manners)

You had a fantastic week. One on one time is so nice - I love ours with the babies - it restores my faith that somewhere DEEP inside there are little angels. But when they're together it's like they have to compete ALL the time.

PS I can't wait to hear about Memphis and the beds!!!

Heather said...

Love the comment on chemicals in the food and the "No, Ma'am" Our boys do say "No, thank you." when they don't want something and sometimes they are so adamant about it too it's so funny.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

In another freaky coincidence of our twin mom symbiosis, my girls also ask about "chemicals" in food! If they want junk food, I give the same standard response as you do. :-)

Barbara Manatee said...

I always love your lists like this - all the highlights, both big and small!! Great memories all around to have captured :-)