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June 23, 2012

A Bit About Me (and Hubby), June Edition

My birthday is on February 23, and on the 23rd of each month, I usually post a couple of random things about myself.  Since Hubby and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday, I’m dedicating this month’s randomness to the both of us.

43)  We honeymooned in Cancun…twice.

For our fifth anniversary, we made a return trip to the Caribbean.  We entertained different locations, but in the end, decided to stay in the same hotel…how romantic, right?

Well, it may have been romantic, but Hubby and I laugh about how our tastes changed in those first five years.  We never considered the hotel “first class”, but we liked it enough in 1999 to try it again in 2004.  We hadn’t been there a day when we declared the place a “dump”.  HA! 

We missed our 10-year trip (since our hands were rather full with a couple of five-month olds), but we’re hoping to resume our Caribbean adventures in 2014, for our 15-year anniversary.  We’re looking forward to creating a new definition of “romantic” – with a new location, and with our girlies in tow.

44)  I STILL haven’t finished our wedding album.

I have most of it done, and everything is stacked nicely together, but I don’t have it all prettied up.  The upside – at least as I tell myself – is that, particularly versus 1999, now “scrapbooking” is a more defined hobby, and there are so many pretty things I can do.  I know, I know…a likely story, huh?  :/

Stay tuned for more randomness next month...and I'm committing to an update on the wedding album.  (I haven't thought about that in a while...definitely not a proud moment!)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh this is too fun!

Now the question I have for you... did you stay or did you move to a different hotel?

I have a theory about these things.

If you pay so much to get there, might as well swop hotels and have a ball so that the whole experience isn't negatively coloured. We booked into a dud hotel once and after one night I insisted we move. :)

Julia said...

I haven't finished our honeymoon album! I have no good excuse, ESPECIALLY since I was on bed-rest for 8 weeks. Honestly! How did I ever not have time for anything before I had the girls?!?! :)

Charlene said...

Why was I thinking 10 years when I messaged you yesterday??? Must have been thinkning about someone else or something (sorry!!)

I still have photo albums and scrapbooks half finished....Im so bad when it comes to stuff like that (it's even worse now that I'm blogging).

Happy Anniversary again!

Mandy said...

I too, have an unfinished wedding album! Ha! And I didn't even have a wedding!!!

I do love how tastes change. Our favorite hotel is also now a dump, as is our second favorite. Once you taste the good life it's hard to go back.

Happy belated anniversary!

Barbara Manatee said...

How fun that you returned to the same place for another honeymoon...but bummer that it wasn't as nice as you remembered!

We had a rather low key honeymoon here in Michigan the summer after we married but then went to Cancun the year before I got pg to have one last big trip before having kids. It wasn't an amazing resort or anything but it was fun. Hope to do something nicer in a few years. :-)

PS...I'm so behind on blogs lately...catching up tonight so you'll see LOTS of comments roll in! ha!