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June 16, 2012

EASY Craft / Learning Activity

I saw an idea on Pinterest (where else???) that looked super easy and fun.  I don't even think I pinned it, it was so simple.  I tested it out on the girlies a couple of weeks ago, and, sure enough, it was a hit!

I bought a package of craft sticks and some self-adhesive Velcro dots.  Each craft stick got a "soft" dot on one end, and a "sticky" dot on the other end.

It literally took me five minutes to assemble the sticks...while the girls watched, at that!...and they were off creating shapes.

The girls had a fun time seeing what shapes and figures they could make.  It was also a bit of an exercise in patterns, as they had to alternate the sticks to make them adhere to each other. 

As a variation of this, it might be fun to paint the sticks different colors.  Or -- for older kids -- maybe there's an application with sentence construction by writing words on the sticks.

The only drawback was that the Velcro left little "fuzzies" all over the table.  I hope that byproduct will lessen as we play with the sticks some more.

(Pardon the bed-head...we hadn't been up long!)

I have a big bag of craft sticks remaining, and my mind keeps going back to these awesome craft stick puzzles I saw on Marcia's blog.  They're on my list for this summer.

Happy -- and EASY -- crafting!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, first, I can't believe I'm reading sentences that say "I saw this craft on Marcia's blog" TEEHEE

And I didn't even notice the bed-head :)

I love that idea!

Last week before our impromptu lunch with Caren, I had about 20 minutes at my favourite shop so I was speed walking and tossing things into the trolley (cart). I threw something in which I wasn't sure of at the time but when I pulled it out on Sunday, both Kendra, Connor and D were hooked.

little coloured blocks with a tiny hole on all 6 sides, and sticks that fit. they played for HOURS. All that for just R25 ($3) - it may be one of my new favourite birthday presents to give others this age :)

Amanda said...

I've been meaning to try that pintrest project. Now that I know how easy and how much fun everyone had- I must try it!

Mandy said...

I love this. Did you feel it over lapped blocks in anyway? I am a stickler for space and since they girls have both plain wooden and mega blocks, I don't want to triple the same concept.

And seriously, I wish our bedhead looked that good! Claire's hair has, all of the sudden, become full of body and has a slight curl to it! It's all over the place and constantly in her face.

Deanna said...

How cute! Those would be really fun painted different colors. Lots of possibilities to think about...

Thanks for passing it on!

Danielle Wagasky said...

Such a fun idea! Will have to try this out! Also I am having a Summer Fun Party and would love for you to link this up!

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

Charlene said...

Love this idea Mandy...I found some colored crafts sticks awhile ago at a dollar store. If I see them again, I'll let you know and if you can't find them I'll send you some (much easier than painting them, trust me!). I'll keep a look out for them.

And thanks again for sharing this on Hey Mom, Look What I Did :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I've seen this idea and thought about doing it but haven't yet. Looks like lots of fun!