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June 26, 2012

Something New for Breakfast

When the girls were about a year old, I introduced scrambled eggs to them.  It didn’t go over well the first time or two, but it wasn’t long before that became a breakfast staple.  I added it to our grain rotation, and we had a pretty balanced breakfast.

For a long, long time, their breakfasts consisted of...
·         oatmeal OR cream of wheat
·         scrambled eggs
·         a banana

At some point, a friend mentioned that her girls like cottage cheese.  Finally!  A protein alternative!

So, for an even longer time, the girls’ breakfasts have been...
·         oatmeal OR cream of wheat
·         scrambled eggs OR cottage cheese
·         a banana…OR sometimes I’d get all crazy and give them blueberries or sliced strawberries

I think this is a pretty hearty breakfast, and most days, the girls clean their plates.  My girlfriend says her kiddos eat a “farmer’s breakfast”…important to fuel the work of the day…and I think our girls fall into that category, as well.  There’s no farming going on here in our corner of the ‘burbs, but I guess they need energy for all their book reading, puzzle solving, train building, and baby doll tending.

As the girls have gotten older, I’ve introduced an occasional grain alternative once or twice a week…a toasted whole wheat bagel…French toast from whole grain bread…or sometimes I get industrious and make muffins.

Still, I felt like we needed another protein to throw in the mix.

I read a post from Melissa at Bumblebee Grace, sharing her granola recipe.

VIOLA!  A light bulb moment for me!

I know it’s not rocket science, but I hadn’t thought about yogurt as a breakfast food for the girls.  (We had a challenging experience with yogurt a year and a half ago, and I have shied away from it since.)

Our girls are in serious love with Greek yogurt.  I drizzle a tiny bit of honey to sweeten it.  Sometimes I dice up some berries or peaches to top it; and on Sunday the girls helped me make Melissa’s granola recipe [we added sliced almonds and cinnamon - YUM!], which is another great topping.

We haven’t had many eggs or much cottage cheese in the past few days…the girls keep asking for more yogurt! 

It’s definitely in the breakfast rotation, and one day we even had it for snack, topped with granola.

I promise our girlies have more variety for lunch and supper, but maybe I’m just a creature of habit at the breakfast table.  In any case, I’m glad to have picked up a new “habit”.


championm2000 said...

I thought I was the only one who had a set breakfast menu! We usually have a whole grain waffle or pancake, fruit, and yogurt (for dipping the waffle or pancake instead of syrup). Sometimes, we'll do eggs instead of waffles, depending on how fast mommy is in the morning.

Just like you hadn't thought about yogurt, I had not considered cottage cheese. Adding it to the grocery list now!

Amanda said...

We are pretty stuck with breakfasts too. I no longer buy boxed cereal after reading about how the process of extruding the grains destroys the proteins in them and makes them toxic. (

So we pretty much have Full Fat Greek Yogurt with honey and fruit; Full Fat Cottage Cheese also with honey; homemade pancakes with no-sugar added jam on top (I make lots of kinds of pancakes, yogurt based, applesauce based, soaked wheat, etc.) Of course eggs and bacon make the rotation, and sometimes I stir things up by offering leftovers from the night before!

One thing I'm about to make for them is crepes stuffed with cream cheese and fruit! Easy and yummy.

. said...

my girls love love love yogurt or otherwise "wogurt." they really like granola in it because of the crunch. it can be messy sometimes but their excitement is so worth it and the health factor is great as well!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

YOu are too funny!

Mine have muesli and yoghurt when it's summer but the rest of the time they alternate oats, weetbix and pronutro. I never do eggs and such for breakfast - they love cereal.'

we start with a fruit (orange or apple), then cereal as above and if they want (this depends on their mood), some toast with cottage cheese (Kendra) or peanut butter (Connor) and water.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

PS mine have yoghurt every day of their lives. Always plain - do you know when I was pregnant I CRAVED (craved!!!) plain yoghurt - I love it so much even now but I couldn't get enough when pregnant. Anddddddd the kids love it too - I don't sweeten or anything.

Usually at 3pm for their afternoon snack with another piece of fruit!

northsidefour said...

Mandy, M&K love cottage cheese in their scrambled egg, it makes them fluffy and delicious (er). It's the way my grandmother prepared eggs but of course served hers with heaps of bacon or sausage (and my guys love the veg sausage patties, the frozen ones). Yogurt with anything mixed in is one of their favorite breakfasts, but nothing tops a walk to the favorite diner, not even Mimi's eggs!

Barbara Manatee said...

My kids love cereal...they'd eat it every day and be happy. We usually have cereal during the week but then make a hot breakfast on the weekends.

Cooking with the kids was something I wanted to do more of this summer...have some fun planning/shopping/cooking days. I need to plan a day for that! :-)