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June 3, 2012

Super 7 Sunday!

It’s been a SUPER busy week as we jumped head-first into swimming lessons.  (That’s figuratively speaking…there has been no actual jumping just yet.)

Amid the most hustle-and-bustle week we’ve ever had, I’m very thankful for lots of fabulousness to keep us afloat.

1)      We surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo last Saturday, to celebrate the official start of Daddy’s summer break.  It was a HOT day, but we hit the road early and so enjoyed our kick-off celebration.

2)      On Sunday morning we decided to have some impromptu one-on-one time.  Baby A came to the grocery store with me for a few items, and she was such a great helper.  Baby B stayed with Daddy and had lots of learnings to report when A and I got back home.  Both girls were all hugs, saying, I missed you, Sissy! as if they’d been apart for days.

3)      Some of our bestest twin friends invited us to spend Sunday afternoon with them.  The girls were SO excited to hear we were going to M&C’s house when they woke up from their nap.  They had lots of fun playing together, swinging on their porch, and petting their cat.  And they really enjoyed their dinner, too…grilled veggies, chicken, and ribs, with plenty of fixins’…and TWO desserts…yum!!!

[This was the bet picture I could get...two out of four smiling, and everyone looking more-or-less at the camera...I'm calling it a win!]

4)      On Wednesday morning we had to run several errands.  We made an adventure of it, including a special morning snack at Panera.  The girls are getting to be such little ladies (at least at times!)…they sat so nicely and shared a bagel and each had a milk.  They were talking up a storm, to the amusement of a couple of folks sitting near us.  I love to see other people delight in my babies.  :)

5)       On Thursday morning the girls’ friend K came to play for a couple of hours.  I loved seeing the three of them running around in tutus, cooking up a storm together, cooperating to put together a puzzle, and piling up together to listen to books.  So, so sweet!

6)      Saturday was a really cool morning.  We took the girls to the park to visit the ducks and play.  They were so proud to show their daddy some of the new skills they learned the last time the three of us were there without him.

7)      After the park, we took the girls to our favorite sushi restaurant for lunch.  They ate a great meal, including most of a crunchy shrimp roll.  This is the second time I’ve ordered a cooked roll for them to try…they think they’re such big girls!  As we were finishing up, a couple of ladies who were sitting near us stopped by to speak to the girls.  They said they enjoyed listening to their conversation and got a particular laugh out of their pronunciation of "eda-mommy" (edamame).  I hadn’t even noticed it…HA!

We have our MoMs group family picnic this afternoon.  I don’t usually tell the girls ahead of time about our activities (lest they get too excited and decide not to nap), but I had to spill the beans when they saw me buying hotdog and hamburger buns.   

They are super excited…it’s amazing how much they remember about our picnic this time last year!  In preparation, they’ve had more than the average number of picnics for their babies over the past day.  We’re all looking forward to beautiful weather and fun with friends!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

HOpe you're having a wonderful picnic right about now.

I've just had some coleslaw which is standard picnic fare here :)

I love the ladies talking to your little ladies - it's so nice when other people say nice things about our kids, hey? :)

Julia said...

"Eda-mommy" = love it!

Love the great pictures of your girlies playing with all their friends! Playdates are so great, aren't they? It's gotten so much better for us lately, as the girls have begun to really *know* their friends, and call them by name. I love seeing how excited they get about seeing their friends :)

Sounds like a fantastic week, Mandy! I hope this week is just as wonderful!

Cecilia said...

Oh my girls love eda-mommy too! Such a good snack. Sounds like a great week! I hope this one is just as good!

Barbara Manatee said...

We just had sushi and edemame yesterday! Sarah was with me when we picked it up and she watched them make it. The 'cook' even let her make her own and try assorted things off his board. I was SO impressed that she willingly tried tuna, ginger, octopus and squid!!

I can't wait for a zoo day...well....that and lots of other FUN days ahead - 1 more week!!!

cat said...

Seems you are having such a great time with all the summer activities.