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June 5, 2012

"Multiple Mayhem" - or - "Fun with Friends"

...or perhaps a little of both!

Our MoMs group had our annual family potluck picnic on Sunday.  We had such an awesome time!

This is our third year for the club.  While we have over 40 families on our local roster, there are only about 8 or 10 families who attend the majority of our activities.  That makes for a pretty tight-knit group.  It's always so very sweet to see our families running around as friends, hubbies interacting, and moms catching up from our last get-together.

We had a beautiful shady field next to our picnic pavilion, where we all played before we sat down to eat.  We started with the soccer ball...followed by the blowing and chasing of bubbles...and we ended with many, many renditions of Ring Around the Rosey.

The latter activity resulted in what I think is perhaps The Cutest Picture Ever!

With this being a newer group, A and B are some of the older kids.  Most everyone is in the two- to three-year old range.  There was one set of 9-month old twins at the picnic, and one lone singleton older brother, who is five.  

All the kiddos played so well together...such a precious sight.

Here are another couple of pictures of my girlies...

I've been putting their hair in braided pigtails quite a bit lately.  It's manageable for me, and it keeps their hair out of the way when they're playing.  And I happen to think it's pretty stinkin' cute, too!


I was snapping some more pictures after we enjoyed our meal.  The kiddos were playing with sidewalk chalk, having a blast.  Baby A was standing beside our friend K, and I really wanted a picture of these little cuties.  K was all smiles, but A must have been tired of the camera.  I asked K, "Can you make A smile?"  She tried so hard...but to no avail.  ;)

As most of the mamas were cleaning up, the daddies took the kiddos to the playground to run off some of the sugar from our flight of desserts.  I got over just in time to snap this little jewel...

I have been trying to get a picture of the girls going down the slide together...finally got it!

Having not known anyone with multiples when our girls were now having some of my closest friends among this group...I am very thankful for my multiple blessings.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

the pics are sooooooo lovely! you did good :)

love A's face - she's someone who knows her mind and there's no smiling for the sake of it. at least you'll always know how she's feeling!

Charlene said...

such cute pics...I love the one with the slide!

cat said...

Such cute pictures and so true - we moms of multiples are a rather special group