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June 21, 2012

Mama (Still!) Loves Bumbo Seats

Before I got pregnant, I don’t think I’d heard of Bumbo seats.  They looked so cute in the store, though, so I registered for two of them…although I admit I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d use them.

When the girls were almost five months old, I pulled them out.  I’ll never forget the look on B’s face the first time she sat up in one by herself…she seemed SO proud!

Over the next three or four months, we got lots of use out of the Bumbos.  The girls would sit and play for a few minutes here and there, and the little trays helped keep their toys within reach.

I might also add that the Bumbo seats were the backdrop of many, many pictures during the girls’ first year.  They kept them contained – at least for a minute or so – so Mommy could snap some pics.

Even long after the girls learned to sit by themselves, they loved using the Bumbo seats as chairs.  They’d position their chairs in front of me on the floor, and we could have story time almost eye to eye.

And once the girls really started to engage in pretend play, their Bumbo seats became high chairs for their baby dolls.

I promise this picture wasn't staged!  They had their babies, along with a stuffed bear and a toy for each of them, in their chairs.
I love how the girls used bracelets and ice cream cones to make party hats!

The girls are now three-and-a-half.  I never would have thought the Bumbo seats would still be a fixture in our den…but they are.

The girls mostly use the seats for their babies, but they still sit in them, too.  It’s not unusual for them to pull up a seat with a book. 

And the Bumbo has become our hair salon, as well.  I’ve been braiding the girls’ hair most days, and they usually position their Bumbos in front of the window so they can watch for birds while I braid.

I would have told you three years ago that this mama loves Bumbo seats.  Funny thing is, I still do!

(And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Sasha is also fond of the Bumbo seats...after the girls are in bed, of course!)

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

LOVE this!! We have our BUMBO seats back out for Ayla now -- and the big girls love them and sit in them, too! We joke that they actually fit in them better now b/c our girls had such chubby little thighs back then. These seats have literally saved my life with babies. Ayla loves to sit in it b/c she can see what is going on and there is lots to see in our house. ;)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I never used a bumbo with my singleton but I LOVED them for my twins! They were safe spots, bath seats, high chairs all rolled into one!

Barbara Manatee said...

I loved those seats, too! I remember when we had it back out after Adam was born, J&S would still use them, too even at age 2-3. They must be pretty comfy! ha!

Mandy said...

Claire still uses the bumbo and I just can't bring myself to chuck it! Part of me was slightly disgusted that she can still easily fit in, and comfortably! Totally worth that $40!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I loved out Bumboos too but the kids outgrew them, literally, at 1 year chubby to fit...LOL!

Cute pics as always...staging is ok isn't it? ;)

Julia said...

I do love the Bumbo! Our girls loved sitting in them, and still do sit in them from time to time, like your girls do. I'll have to show them they their babies will fit in them---I bet they'll run with that idea! :)

Kimber said...

I love this! My boys are a year old. We still have our Bumbo seats out. My three-year old uses the Bumbo for his Build-A-Bear puppy all the time. Too cute!