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June 11, 2011

What I Learned on a Saturday

We had a jam-packed day today, but it sure was a fun one. From sun up to sun down, we were running and going and doing, and I learned at least a little bit at each and every stop.

1) Older folks, in particular, seem to get quite a kick out of the girls’ passion for vegetables.

As in the grocery store, the girls love to point out [loudly] the fruits and veggies they see. At the farmers' market this morning: “Zucchini!!! I LOVE zucchini!” “Potatoes!!! I LOVE potatoes!” “Onion!!! I LOVE onion!” Most folks couldn't help but laugh.

2) My little babies have a real ability to act like big girls when they want to.

We went to Panera when we left the farmers’ market. Daddy and I enjoyed a late breakfast, and the girls had half a bagel and a glass of milk as their mid-morning snack.

I had our highchair covers with us, but we decided to try the girls sitting in regular chairs. They did great!

They waited patiently for me to get our food, and then for me to cut their bagel and pour their milk. And then they ate like champs. As soon as they were finished, Baby A popped up and said, “I’m ready to get down!” but we got a good 20 minutes of calmness out of them!

3) The girls know our habits better than I do sometimes.

We left Panera and decided to run by Sam’s to scout out some more fresh fruit (as the selection was limited at the market). We picked out our produce and started walking towards the front of the store. Baby B began to pull me towards the right, though. I tried to correct her, and she said, “We need milk!

Sure enough, we almost always buy milk when we’re there…and I had forgotten we had space for another gallon in the ‘fridge.

4) Not all kiddos are totally enthralled with the lawn sprinkler.

This afternoon we surprised the girls by setting up the sprinkler in the backyard, for what would be their first such experience. They were so excited to get on their swimsuits and new water shoes, and they were pretty patient while I applied their sunscreen. Finally it was time to let them loose.

They ran, giggling, towards the sprinkler…but when the first drops of water crossed their path, they were done! I tried coaxing them back to that section of the yard, running through myself (which was pretty darn fun!), but they were far more interested in picking clover, chasing bubbles, and kicking the soccer ball.

We’ll try again, though…I hope the girlies will eventually learn to appreciate this rite of childhood passage!

5) Swim diapers really don’t hold any urine. And Baby B may not be as close to potty-training as I’d thought.

I was putting the finishing coat of sunscreen on B’s legs (outside, thank goodness!), when I felt a very warm sensation on my lap. “Are you making tee-tee?” I asked her. “No!” she declared, as my legs became totally soaked. So now I know.

6) Lots of summertime running really builds up a kiddo’s appetite AND wears her out.

Both girls scarfed down their chicken cacciatore over pasta tonight, complete with bread and a big bowl of strawberries and blackberries. We then shared a piece of Grecian orange cake. And THEN they both asked for more supper!

And after supper, it wasn’t long until both girlies were yawning. We went to bed at their usual time (7:15), but I’m pretty sure they haven’t even rolled over from the position I laid them in their cribs!

All in a [great] day’s work!


Holly Ann said...

My kids are the same as yours with regard to #4! I really hope they grow out of this - we live in Vegas for goodness sake. Don't they know it's HOT here!?! ;)

Johanna said...

I'm not that old...
And I would have gotten a kick out of such enthusiastic shopping from wee ones too! So cute!

I would also get a kick out of seeing you sprint through the sprinkler. Find someone to video this next time. ;)

MultipleMum said...

A great day indeed! They are full of surprises (and wee stories) which makes parenting them so much fun! We haven't used a sprinkler at all with our kids. We have been on water restrictions for the past 6 or so years. It is a shame because it is a really fond memory of my childhood. Maybe one Summer... x

Andrea said...

I am kind-of bummed....where are swimming suit photos!! They had to look super sweet with their swim shoes on too! :):)

I can just imagine the attention they were getting at the farmers market...too cute! Too funny B reminded you to get milk! Your girls love their milk that fir sure! :)

Happy Sunday Mandy!! Take care!

Andrea said...

Oh , I just realized you hit 100 followers!! Congrats girl!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

holy moly! that's a busy day!! sounds awesome, though. we still have to get M a bathing suit this season. i can't believe i still don't have one!! and i can't believe little b reminded you about milk. :) they really are creatures of habit sometimes, right?

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I also want pics - please tell J we want pics next time (tomorrow?)

I get such a kick out of hearing all the things your two say. It's inspiration for me because we're 6 months behind you.

Today I had Kendra in the trolley (shopping cart) and I had my notebook with things to buy. She wanted to write and I said, "no baby, no writing" So then she says, "later!"

D says I probably say this...

reanbean said...

I'm sure they looked super cute in their swimsuits. Too bad the swim diapers are no good. :o(

Tiny is not a fan of the sprinkler either. At least, she wasn't last year or the year before. We'll try it again this year. From what I can recall, Buba was okay with the sprinkler, but he prefers the pool if given a choice.

Sounds like you had a really great Saturday! I hope today's a great one too!

Barbara Manatee said...

That IS one jam-packed day for a couple of 2 year olds!

I can't wait to take the kiddos to our Farmer's Market. We have a HUGE, wonderful one in Flint - its the best! Its open year round but we haven't made it there in a while.

Mandy said...

I'm kinda disappointed to hear about the swim diapers, my mother just purchased them for us since I'm a cloth diaper gal.

I can't wait to start hitting the farmers market with the girls. It's a short walk from our house and the girls really liked it last year!

And I agree with Marcia, where are the pictures??