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June 17, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

I’m loving this fabulous summer with my girlies!!! We’ve had a couple of “field trips”, some great fun outside, and lots of family time together.

1) My family came up for a short visit on Friday, and it was so great to see the girls having such a blast with them. Friends and neighbors are wonderful, but family is priceless.

2) The girls have started referring to themselves occasionally as Mommy’s baby girls,” as in, “What are Mommy’s baby girls gonna have for supper?” I just can’t get over the cuteness factor!

3) The girls have continued to be very into pretend play this week. A big focus seems to have been taking care of their baby dolls. They’ve always fed them, and taken them to run errands, but this week they’ve been very focused on personal grooming…cutting their babies’ nails (holding a butter knife from their kitchen – yikes!)…giving their babies baths in the kitchen sink…and drying their babies’ hair (with a ring-stacker toy as a hairdryer…even though their babies are bald!).

One day they kept talking about putting their babies’ swimsuits on. I moved a pillow in the midst of their play, and Baby A almost charged at me. “Abby’s swimsuit!!!” she cried. She pretended to grab something from where I’d put the pillow, and went running off to outfit her doll. HA!

4) One evening before bed, I saw the girls snuggled up together, and B was stroking A’s face. “I see your eyebrows,” she said. Then A said, “Beep your nose!” and touched her sister on the nose. It didn’t last long, but it was so sweet!

5) The girls’ language and reasoning continues to amaze me. Baby A saw my coffee one day and said, “I see some steam. That means it’s hot.” And B came downstairs one morning and looked out the window. “It rained overnight,” she said. WOW!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I took advantage of having the hubby home and ventured out during the girls’ naptime on Monday. I needed to run to the craft store, and I took my time, milling around. Milling! I looked at things I didn’t even need!

And then I still had time to run by the bead store, which – although I don’t know anything about jewelry design – it always makes me feel crafty just to be there. More milling!

I topped it off by picking up an enormously large Diet Coke on the way home.

I was only gone about an hour, but that “milling” was time well spent!

Thanks - as always! - to the Great dollimama for hosting my favorite link-up of the week! And check out the plans for the first week of awesome link-up GIVEAWAY! It's gonna be lots of should join us!!!



OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

I love love love the sayings of these girls, lol, super cute. It amazes me what little kiddos will say. Love that you were able to have some "milling" time. Have a fab weekend!

Onesie Mommy said...

Mommy's baby girls... soooo cute! You must just melt every single time they say that. I know I am!

OMG... the steam and rain comments... brilliant. They're brilliant! What can I say?! WOW!!

Awww, browsing in a store. Sounds so simple but I can't honestly remember when I did that. Fun!

Barbara Manatee said...

I bet the girls were so adorable, snuggled up and chatting ;-) J&S are good friends but not overly affectionate with each other.

Yeah for "milling' through a store! I took all 3 with me yesterday to run errands including a furniture store and craft store...they did pretty good in the furniture store but we took too long in the craft store and Adam was screaming to be carried or to walk and Jacob was touching EVERYTHING in sight! ugh!

Mandy said...

Your girls are soo cute! We've just entered pretend play, I'm seeing a toy kitchen in our future! Claire has actually started to play with some stuffed animals and it is making me cringe! I was never much of a doll girl and the idea of the girls toting baby dolls around is something that never crossed my mind.

Milling takes much longer than an hour! You were practicing speed milling!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL thinking the same thing as Mandy.

I ran errands on Sun (4 shops) in an hour and I was RACING around (and I stay about 5 - 7 minutes from the shops.

Milling, for me, is at least 2 hours :)

Love these girls talking - I just love it. Inspiration for our future... all I hear at the moment is "no Connor". She is very bossy!

Andrea said...

Your girls are nothing short of amazing! Every week you blow me away with what they are doing!! They are blessed to have such a great mother teaching them!

I am so glad you had some ME time "milling". I don't think I have actually ever used that word.....I usually say browsing! :):) Yea for the large diet coke!! Favorite drinks always seem to hit the spot!

Have a great weekend Mandy!

reanbean said...

I'm still constantly amazed when my kiddos use new words and phrases correctly or even when they seriously question something they really don't understand. The other day, Tiny used the word "eventually" correctly. And Buba is constantly asking what certain words mean. I've gotten very good at becoming a walking dictionary.

Your me time sounds awesome! I can't wait till T is all done with school (just 3 more days!. I'm really hoping we can work out a way for us to both get some me time consistently throughout the summer. Then we'll just have to figure out a way to get some time for just the two of us.

Julia said...

The pretend play is awesome! I bet is makes your heart smile to see their imaginations take flight like that. I can't wait till the girls are doing that on their own. We play "picnic" together, and they will do that on their own a bit, but mostly just when I play along too.

Milling time---lovely! A luxury to be sure!

April said...

I can't believe how quickly they seem to be learning! That's just crazy!!!

And your me time sounds great! My only me time is at the gym. I need to spend more time milling! :)