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June 4, 2011

My Sunglasses Trick

I never used to wear sunglasses on my head.

For one, I used to wear expensive designer sunglasses, and I didn’t want to stretch the frames.

And two, I thought it was a bit silly. Unless you are literally just coming off the beach, put your sunglasses away in your purse, Lady…you really don’t need to sport them all through dinner…when it’s raining outside.

Over the past couple of years, though, I have found myself singing a different tune.

I no longer wear designer sunglasses. Although a little part of me misses the mystique, I’m perfectly content buying my shades at Kohl’s.

Since both my hands seem always to be full, I’m grateful not to have to worry about my designer sunglass case, too. My $20 peepers get thrown right on top of my bag. And if they get a scratch? That will be camouflaged by all the tiny finger smudges, of course.

And I’ve discovered (or at least led myself to believe) that coolly pushing my sunglasses on top of my head makes me feel more put-together somehow…at times even glamorous!

I vowed at the beginning of spring no longer to dress like a hobo, to get up each morning and put on some Capri’s and a decent t-shirt.

I’m proud to report that, with very few exceptions, I’ve been living the dream the past couple of months.

I bought several new pairs of casual-yet-comfortable pants and picked up some new tees, and I even bought a cute new pair of flip-flops. I think it’s a great sign that the girls no longer ask, “Where we going?” when they see Mommy enter their room in the mornings.


I can’t say that I’ve managed to add the full spectrum of hair and makeup into the mix.

I still only wear makeup a couple of days a week, I’m guessing, on average. And some days just have to be ponytail days, depending on what how many chores I need to get done in the mornings before the girls get up.

Enter my sunglasses trick!

I don’t think a thing about running to the mall all fresh-faced with my hair pulled back. Perhaps I look like I’ve just run in off the beach (a mere 500 miles away), to do a quick errand…

…or perhaps I look like a harried mom who hasn’t taken the time to treat herself to a full hygiene regimen…

…but at least I have on cute Capri’s.

One step at a time, and mind over matter...and I’m running with it!


Holly Ann said...

I just had to smile at this post! I often wear my sunglasses on my head because I actually like the way they make me look and they quickly get my hair off my face as I walk in somewhere.

Mandy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks for comfy-yet-casual clothes! I'm glad you're still on the dress up kick. I'm proud to say you inspired me and I've kept it up too!

As for sunglasses, I totally used to wear them atop my head. But then I had kids, and who has time for contacts? So since I don't wear contacts (although I still have CASES and CASES of them) I don't even own sunglasses anymore! I think I just found my next goal...

Johanna said...

I'm glad you've seen the light. :)

I was sheepishly thinking as I read the first half... I am that lady who won't put her sunglasses in her purse (for fear of losing them in the abyss) and wears them atop her head throughout dinner (because they make a handy headband, and perhaps hide that my hair hasn't seen color in months).

Unfortunately, I was always that girl... not just since having kids. Still my friend? :)

Andrea said...

I too use my sunglasses for different reasons other than the obvious eye protection. They make a great headband to keep my hair out of my face when my hands are being pulled in 2 opposite directions. They also cover up my face if I make a fast trip to the store without makeup. Like you I no longer spend more $20 on a pair. Funny thing is I think this last pair is the longest lasting pair I have owned. Love them too!

Beth said...

Yep. right there with you. I always wondered what was up with women who walked around with their sunglasses on their heads- until I became one. I have sensitive eyes and always wear sunglasses outside. Walking into a store with my crew is enough excitement, I barely have time to shove my glasses onto my head much less put them away carefully. I have even advanced to appreciating having my hair out of my face.
It's the little changes I never saw coming...

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I've been doing that too! I love it and do it all the time. Then, last week, my sunglasses were on top of my head and they just I had the biggest head in the universe!! WTF??? So, I had to pick up 2 new pairs at Loft...woe is me...if only those new pairs hadn't come with a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a new dress!

Next challenge for time you're out, pick up a skirt and wear that with a t-shirt. That's my new change for this summer...skirts. They look so cute, are easy to wear (as long as they're not clingy), and make you feel flirty!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I just thought of something after reading Rebecca's comment - can we see a pic of you in the sundress and flip flops with the sunglasses on your head? ;)

I don't even wear sunglasses that much - I do have prescription glasses that strangely enough, I need more in winter. Our winters are ice-cold and very, VERY bright. GOrgeous blue skies that would make you think it was warm. But my sunglasses live in the car :)

About your other trick - I think it is genius!!! I may just try that with my two. When the one needs it, and the other doesn't get, they whine and whine. This is the trick!

Barbara Manatee said...

I agree with Marcia...we need to see some cute pics of you in your new digs!!

i'm totally guilty of the sunglasses on the head. I'd rather just put them up there than take them off and put them away. I also like that they help keep hair out of my face :-)

Quadmama said...

My sunglasses are almost always on my head when I'm not wearing them. It's so much easier than digging through my purse. As for makeup... it I'm not going to be gone long, I don't even worry about it! Too much of a hassle to take off when I get home.

Deanna said...

Ha! I thought wearing sunglasses on your head was a girl rule? : )

My eyes are very light-sensitive, so my sunglasses are never far away. I have even been known to leave them on my head after lunch and wear them that way all afternoon at work (though, thankfully not to court...yet!).

J has been trying to get me to buy some Costas, his current favorite high-end brand, but I just CAN'T spend that much on sunglasses when my $18 pair has lasted YEARS. I did splurge on a cute grey pair this year though--$3.50 at the Dollar General! : )