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June 15, 2011

Things Two-Year Olds Say...

There’s no doubt that the girls crack me up on an hourly basis in some form or fashion.

They clown around, and they play the funniest pretend games. Some of the best times are listening to the “stories” they tell and their oft-altered lyrics to songs.

It’s amazing how just hearing them over the monitor for a few minutes in the mornings tells such a story. I try to write down some of their antics every few weeks, as it’s a great gauge as to how their little minds are growing every single day.

Making headlines (or at least journal entries) this week…

On Sunday morning, the girls were up [a little too] bright and early. I went into their room, and Baby A gave me a huge hug, and Baby B greeted me with the biggest smile. “Daddy’s on vacation!” she exclaimed. “We’re doing to have a fun day!

And then I felt a little guilty for rolling my eyes at the time on the clock downstairs. How sweet that the girls were so excited to start their day.

I tried to get B to recount to Daddy what she’d said to me. “Daddy’s on…” and she correctly filled in “…vacation!” “We’re going to have a…” and she filled in “…family breakfast!” There she was, warming my heart again.

As I was fixing our family breakfast, B was playing and talking to herself. “Daddy’s on vacation! We’re going to have a fun day!” And then she said, “Mommy’s not on vacation.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


My aunt and uncle gave the girls some adorable pink-and-white striped overalls last week as a belated birthday gift. I let them try the overalls on and run around the den for a few minutes (while I tried to snap pictures, of course).

The girls both kept saying, “We’re wearing our wedding dresses!

My husband and I got a big kick out of that. I know we’re from the south, and all…but, when the time comes, I think we can probably do a little better than pink overalls!

Another day, another hundred laughs!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Well, my question is, "is Mommy ever on vacation?" Truly....

I love their positive outlooks. Just like their mommy!

Anyway, I have had a shocking day - if I'm calm by the time I blog tonight I may write about it.

Andrea said...

Awww...I bet Daddy loved hearing that too!! Way to sweet! As you know my Mom watches my kids when daddy is at work, since daddy works 24 hour shifts he only gone 8 to 10 days a month (counting weekends when I am home). So on average maybe Nannie is there 6 to 7 days a month. Well every morning Molly says daddy go to work and Nannie is coming. It always breaks her heart when I say No, daddy is staying home today! I am sure it is because daddy is always there and Nannie brings something new to the table! :):)

I love that you are doing thus btw-- it will be something you all get a kick out if someday! :)

Beth said...

So sweet! My kids ask every morning if Daddy is going to work. Most days I have to say 'yes', but when I get to say 'no' it is cause for celebration! Funny observation that Mommy doesn't really get vacation...

Your girls calling the overalls wedding dresses cracked me up!! Remind them of that when the day comes to go wedding dress shopping. Osh Kosh overalls it is!

Holly Ann said...

Aww. The "Mommy's not on vacation," comment made me laugh out loud a little. But I know if I were in your shoes at the time, I would've felt the same way - not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Momma's don't sick days or vacation, unfortunately.

Barbara Manatee said...

Even though I'm on vacation, I go back to my 'other full time job' now :-) Jacob and Sarah are very excited for summer now that I'm off of school (as of noon today!!!) but I'm not sure how much Adam gets it yet.'ll be very happy to hear - I got that Pedi today with a friend and a Margarita after!!! :-) HELLOOOOOO Summer!!! :-) (oh...and a fun new pair of flip flops to show those pretty pink toes off, too!)

Johanna said...

At least they know that you are working too! Sweet babies. :)

Anonymous said...

ha hahaha. i love the things that little kids say!! it's like a little glimpse into their little minds! :)

we're going to have to try to play football together one of these days! :)

championm2000 said...

Your girls make me giggle...I am from the south, too, and I am surprised, but I have never seen pink overalls at a wedding ;-)