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June 3, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

The unofficial start of summer took off on a fabulous note, complete with lots of sunshine and the sweetest ice cold watermelon!

1) On Saturday, we took our first day trip since the Potty-capades began. We enjoyed a great lunch with dear friends in downtown Nashville. Hubby and I hadn’t been downtown since the girls were born, so a little taste of the “big city” was a treat, too.

2) On Sunday, we planned a trip to our local orchard. We made the trek "to the country", only to find they were closed! The girls were not particularly happy…but they cheered up right away with the promise of ice cream and a trip to the park. For the first time, the girls fed themselves some DQ soft-serve (my babies are growing up!!!), and Hubby and I may have each enjoyed a Blizzard.

3) We spent some time at one of the local parks on Sunday afternoon. The playground equipment was scalding hot, so we lured the girls into the wide open grassy fields by asking them to find dandelions. It was amazing to see them running so freely, their cheeks all flush, having a blast.

4) On Monday, we enjoyed a mid-afternoon frozen yogurt. I dressed the girls in the cutest coordinating outfits, and I let them wear their sunglasses for the first time. They looked like true movie stars…and also acted like ones, avoiding the paparazzi [my camera] at all costs!

5) And the girls’ quotes of the week just warm my they brought up family members waaaay out of the blue. Baby A said, at random, “We haven’t seen Grandpa Cecil in a while!” And B was “dancing” on Daddy’s feet, and said, “This like Daddy used to do with his grandma,” as Hubby has told her a few times (but not recently). Wow.

And what did I do for ME this week???

Wednesday afternoon, Miss Jennifer was here for a couple of hours to hang out with the girls. I met Hubby after he got out of school for a mid-afternoon snack. I enjoyed a very leisurely cup of coffee, and he, an ice cold lemonade, and I sneaked a couple of bites of his ginormous cinnamon roll. We just hung out and talked and laughed…it was a fantastic mid-week break.



Marcia (123 blog) said...

I may have just stumbled on the reason I can never comment on your blog from work. I just opened IE for a change and voila! here is your comment form :)

Anyway, LOVE those t-shirts. Too cute!

And how do they remember things like that? Adorable.

Do you know cinnamon rolls/ buns could be used to torture me? Those and anything apple. I am a SLAVE to them.

Love your "me" time with the hubs.

Do all Southern people say "miss so-and-so"? I love well-mannered kids and am just loving it when you say Miss Jennifer!

Johanna said...

Mmm... dairy queen. Hope you got yourself one too!

And their shirts crack me up. I've caught myself introducing mine to strangers, 'This one is C and that one is G'.

reanbean said...

I love how you spent your me time this week. How wonderful to share a mid-afternoon snack and conversation with your hubby. It reminds me that T and i need to make another "date" for ourselves sometime soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Hubby time mixed with me time = crazy good!!! Just read Marcia's comment. I don't know if it is a Southern thing or not, but I know I do it. Have introduced myself to kids (I'm a counselor) as "Miss Jamie" even. :)

Andrea said...

I love when we can find open "safe" areas to let Molly and Luke run about! Loving their shirts...too cute!

What awesome ME time!! Glad you had that special time with hubby!

Have a great weekend Mandy!

Onesie Mommy said...

I love the t-shirts too! I mean, is there really anything cuter than that?!

Your week sounds fabulous! Just fabulous... play time with the girls, free running, ice cream and friends. What a wonderful life you have!

p.s. What's the big announcement. I want a hint!!

Dolli-Mama said...

Love the T-shirts! Where are they from? I secretly love "twin" things... :)

Coffee and Cinnamon Rolls sounds so awesome! Yum yum! I'm glad you had a great week!

Barbara Manatee said...

An afternoon in Nashville sounds fun!!

So sweet that the girls remembered that Daddy danced that way, too! I used to dance on my dad that way, too! :-)

My kiddos are all about their sunglasses lately!