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June 24, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

Another fabulous week of summer!

1) The girls’ pretend play has extended into more personal care this week. They’ve been playing “haircut” with each other, and it’s so cute to see one sitting patiently while the other pretends to cut her hair (with a plastic butter knife from their play kitchen). I have to admit, though, that it does make me a bit nervous…I hope they get this play pattern out of their systems before they have access to real scissors one day!

2) Baby A was playing restaurant, and she said, “I work at Garcia’s!” I asked her what she did there, and she replied, “I organize the workers.” That’s my girl…her eyes on a managerial position already!

3) Over supper one night we were talking about familial relationships, that I am the girls’ mommy, and I am Daddy’s wife. Later they were playing with a couple of Little People figures, and they kept saying, of the girl, “This is my wife, Mandy!” Hahaha!!!

4) On Father’s Day morning, I went into the girls room and asked them, “Do you know what today is?” Baby B’s eyes began to twinkle, and she started to wiggle her little behind. French toast?! she exclaimed. I reminded them it was Father's Day. She looked a little bewildered until I assured her they could have their French toast in celebration of Father’s Day, too.

5) Forever now we’ve been walking past the carousel at the mall, waving to the horses and all the other animals. The girls get so excited just to see the lights and mirrors, and they’ve been talking about what animal they would ride “one day”.

We were at the mall on Tuesday with a little time to spare, and on a whim, we decided to let the girls ride the carousel for the first time. They were BEYOND excited! Baby A chose the kitty cat, and B was content to ride a horse next to her sister (although I think she really had her eye on the ostrich).

When we got on the carousel, the girls got a little spooked at the enormity of it all…and I had to bob up and down alongside the kitty cat to allow Baby A’s death grip during the ride. But they were all smiles when the ride was over, and it’s all they’ve been able to talk about the remainder of the week.

And what did I do for ME this week???

On Monday, despite the 400-degree temps, I was craving a piping hot latte. I indulged my craving over naptime, rationalizing that’s what air conditioning is for!


On Wednesday Miss Jennifer was here with the girls for a couple of hours, and Hubby and I had planned to go refrigerator shopping. As it was our anniversary, we decided last moment to blow off that plan and enjoy some time downtown. We sat outside and indulged in some appetizers and drinks, and topped it off with ice cream [for him] and another latte [for me] at the coffee shop. The weather that afternoon was really nice – almost cool, even! – so it was just a perfect afternoon all around…and SO much better than ogling over refrigerators!!!


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Marcia (123 blog) said...

I so love reading about your girls, Mandy.

And A is like me - I like to be the boss :)

Please tell me more about the little people figures.

Love the "french toast" - I taught K to say happy father's day. D loved it! Connor just says happy :) Happy will also do, my boy!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

PS and of course, I smiled when I read about Miss Jennifer. I almost titled my post the same :)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Oh how cute they are! I think you may be in trouble when they get real scissors. I did quite a number on my brother playing barber shop when he was 2. :)

Andrea said...

I love that you and hubby decided to spend some time alone on your anniversary!! Yay, for you guys!! I am sure the girls had a ball with Miss Jennifer!! Do they get upset when you leave? Or are you able to slip away without them taking note?

Have a great weekend Mandy!! Take care!! :):)

Onesie Mommy said...

Those girls are just adorable! I swear you could write a book of their comments alone and it would be a best-seller.

A latte is good anytime! Hot, iced... mmmm!

reanbean said...

I'm so glad you decided to blow off refrigerator shopping and did something fun with hubby. What a nice treat for both of you, and a great way to celebrate!

Unknown said...

Love all the cute things the girls say!!

I was gone this weekend and every time the dogs barked, Adam ran to the back door and said "Jacob! Sarah! Mommy's home!" Aww!

Yeah for NOT going refrigerator shopping! Drinks and appetizers sound MUCH better!

ericateal said...

I can't get enough of their cute little sayings, Hope you had a great weekend!