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June 10, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

Our first full week of Daddy’s summer vacation was fabulous, indeed...such that this is really a Fab 6 list because I couldn't narrow it down any further!

1) The girls have been playing “restaurant” a lot lately. Last week they kept saying, “I’m taking my baby to Garcia’s” [our favorite Mexican restaurant]. Then they would detail what they were going to order…”She’s gonna eat rice…and beans…and cheese…and salsa…and chicken quesadilla!” On Friday night we surprised them with an actual trip to Garcia’s. We waited until late afternoon to tell them where we were going, and they were elated! They clapped and started dancing around. Baby B kept saying (as she was dancing), “I’m excited for my dinner!

2) On Sunday, we attended our MoMs group picnic. The girls had a blast running around and kicking the soccer ball in a big open field, and I was so proud that they played so well with the other kiddos. On perhaps a not so fabulous note, they also ate Doritos for the first time. I think they’re in love.

3) Monday was THE BEST. The girls napped so well (hallelujah…it is possible!!!), and we decided to turn our downtown post office field trip into a family dinner date, as well. We took the girls to one of our favorite restaurants. It’s not what I would call kid-friendly (they seemed to have to search for high chairs!), but the girls did GREAT! They sat like little ladies and enjoyed our appetizer, a good portion of my salad, and then they scarfed down most of my half of our gourmet pizza. It was one of the most pleasant family outings to date!

4) The girls have continued to sing a lot this week. “Buffalo Gals” is one of their faves, along with “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”…which I finally deciphered them as saying “John Jacob Jingle-on-the-Fence”! Close, girlies, so close!

5) Both girls have been running around the den this week at times, saying, “I’m imitating Sasha!” They mean they’re running really fast, like our cat does sometimes…which is cute…and just as cute is them saying imitating!

6) Both girls have been doing a great job at asking how our dinner is, and saying what they like about their food. Unprompted, Baby A said, "This squash is very good." It just melts my heart...that she was being so sweet...AND that she loves her veggies so passionately!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I L-O-V-E sushi. Before kiddos, the hubs and I ate it once a week, religiously. Since kiddos, it’s a rare treat.

While once upon a time I turned my nose up at the thought of buying sushi at the grocery store (even though they have a little sushi station with a little man in a big hat making it, it’s just not the same as our nice family-owned Japanese restaurant, where we have gone for years)…times have changed. I now treat myself to grocery store sushi about once a week. Whereas I do love me some raw fish, I stick with the veggie rolls…but slather on some wasabi, and whip out my beautiful new bamboo chopsticks I bought for myself, and it’s a fantastic break from my ham sandwiches.

And as a little bonus, I love that my girls can spot sushi from a mile away. They know what chopsticks are. They know what wasabi is, and that it’s hot. And they’re big friends with the little man in the big hat at the grocery store.

Thanks so much to the dollimama for hosting the 52 Weeks of ME! Challenge! I firmly believe that taking the time to think about ourselves each week...even splurging on some $4 sushi now and again...makes us better moms.

The dollimama will be hosting an awesome giveaway link-up the first week of July to celebrate being halfway through the challenge. There will be lots of us linking up with ~$10 giveaways...paying it forward to encourage our fellow mamas to enjoy a little "me" time. The link-up will be open to anyone...check it out for more details!



OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

Love the ladies little sayings, OMG, "Jingle on the fence", lol, too cute. Glad you had a great week and I agree, SUSHI is (screaming in my loudest voice) delicious! Have a great weekend!

Dolli-Mama said...

Sushi is so good, and it is a rare treat for me. I love that you have made it a weekly thing!

I am so excited about the giveaway link-up! Yeah July 1!

Johanna said...

Now I have that song stuck in my head. I think I like their version better...

Christina said...

So glad the girls are doing good, they are just super sweet. =) I have never ever had sushi...totally scared lol.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

did you know I don't eat sushi? :)

but glad you enjoyed yours.

I love all the things your girls say!

Onesie Mommy said...

I want to hang out at your place for a while. It sounds like a really fun place to grow up!

I love sushi and I love the store bought kind so long as it's made that day. It's much better at at restaurant, agreed. But, the grocery store one will do just fine in a crunch.

Andrea said...

The few times I have treated my two to Doritos they were in love!! Nacho cheese heaven!! :)

I too love me some sushi!!! Yummy! Glad you splurged on that treat!!

MultipleMum said...

You are having a lovely time dining out! So glad that you are still able to 'have a life' with your twins in tow. It is a rare moment indeed that we venture out to a restaurant for a meal, but we do indulge in weekly sushi too (even the twins!). Enjoy your holidays with your hubby.
BTW the fact that it is nearly half way through your 52 week challenge is bloody hard to fathom! Where did the year go??? x

reanbean said...

Sounds like another fabulous week, indeed! I too love it when my kids play in their play kitchen. I feel as though I always learn a little more about how they see the world when I watch them engaged in imaginary play.

Good for you for the sushi treat! T and I have a favorite sushi place here in town, but we may be lucky to get there once or twice a year. Seems like we might be due for a nice sushi dinner. Alone.

Barbara Manatee said...

wow!!! I thought Adam was talking a lot but your girls' vocabulary is blowing me away!!!!

Your week sounds fabulous! Just 3 more days of work and I'll be one happy Mama!!!!

I've only tried sushi maybe once or twice and can't even recall what kind it might have been. I will say while in Cancun about 6 years ago, we ate dinner at restaurant and with my dinner came what I thought was "avocado" and I was excited and wondered why there was such a small cup of it. I took a big bite and suddenly realized that it was NOT guacamole!! ha! I did not care for it...ha!

Holly Ann said...

Wow! All of this is totally fabulous - even the Doritos. ;)

championm2000 said...

Another awesome week!

I think the fact that your girls love squash totally trumps the few Doritos they ate at the park :-)

And, I love sushi, too! Perfect mommy treat!

Anonymous said...

your supermarket sushi is only $4?? ours is at least double that! when my sister and i went on our trip on april we found a place (in the middle of the desert) with awesome sushi. AND they had a sushi happy hour where everything was half price. we ate our weight in raw fish!!

and i'm so happy for you, and jealous at the same time, about how good the girls are. our kids are giving us such a fight right now with eating. i get stressed just thinking about taking them somewhere to eat. and t is so picky that i am not sure what he would even eat. i swear he is surviving right now on fruits and crackers!!!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Yum! Sushi!! I have never seen it in the grocery stores here....maybe I'm just not looking :)