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June 9, 2011

Summertime...and the Living is Easy...

…well, not necessarily easy (as someone still has to run the dishwasher every day of the world), but at least it will be fun!

Although the girlies aren’t in school, my hubby is a school teacher, so “summer” has real meaning for our family. And at 2 ½, I know this is going to be such a fun summer for us as a foursome.

There’s something about summer that means “family adventure” to me…a time to go and do and experience…and have lots of fun making memories.

Given the girls’ age, and that there are two of them, climbing Mt. Rushmore is obviously not on the list. It’s all relative, but I’m so excited about some of the fun things we hope to do and see and eat!

In no particular order…

• Eat an ice cream cone
• Eat a slice of watermelon
• Go to the zoo
• Do yoga in the park
• Run through the splash pad downtown
• Attend a live music performance
• Go to the aquarium
• Play with sidewalk chalk
• Run through the sprinklers at home
• Swim in the baby pool
• Swim in a big pool
• Learn to ride new tricycles
• Buy a swing set
• Enjoy many, many hours of play on new swing set
• Visit the orchard
• Visit the dairy barn
• Make cookies with Mommy
• Make homemade pizza as a family
• Help Daddy wash the car
• Plant some flowers
• Water the flowers
• Eat on a picnic blanket
• Make S’mores
• Eat out for breakfast
• Go to a children’s museum
• Go to the train museum
• Take a carriage ride
• Go to the ag farm
• Ride a carousel
• Make homemade ice cream

I could go on, but I hope to incorporate a little piece of adventure into most of our days, taking advantage of that extra set of hands I'll have to help keep our adventures in check.

Happy Summer, Y'all!


Deanna said...

Sounds like a fun summer! We have a few day trips planned, and I am really looking forward to doing new things with the girls!

Holly Ann said...

I'm right there with you! I am a school teacher myself so I am SO excited to spend some quality time with my babies this summer and do lots of those awesome things on your list!! :)

Quadmama said...

What a fun "to do" list. While summer can be exhausting with all the activities, I always have fun because my girls and I are having so many adventures!

Julia said...

I love summer adventures! We have a whole list for our summer too!

We took the girls to the zoo last Sunday. It went really, really well! They would point at the animals and jabber away. We were able to be there for two hours, which was way more than I was hoping for! It's so fun to watch them see and explore things. I'm sure your girlies will have a blast on all their adventures this summer--what fun! Can't wait to hear all about your explorations :)

Jill said...

Your list looks a lot like mine! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

what a great list. i've vowed to get out and do more this summer, too!! actually, when i got home from the gym on sunday b was washing the cars with the kids! they LOVED it!! we STILL have not made it to the zoo. hopefully we'll do that before the kids turn 2 LOL!

yea! bring on the summer adventures! can't wait to read all about them!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I just love the idea of your summers! 3 months of nothing sound like bliss.

what do wahms do? Take their annual leave over this period or continue to leave their kids in daycare?

Mandy, you have got to make those little placemat aprons for the girls. It's on my pinterest = tell me if you want the link (I call the board "if only I could sew :))

Mandy said...

I may have bookmarked this! Sounds amazing! I'm excited too. I recently saw this ball on amazon for making homemade ice cream that I am super excited over. It brought back memories of coffee can ice cream, but with a twist of soccer! It sounds like it would be great for your house!

Andrea said...

Oh this is great Mandy....sounds like so much fun!! Happy Summertime!! I hope you share pictures as you mark off your list!! Love it!! :):)

Barbara Manatee said...

We have a couple splash pads by us that I want to make sure we get to again this summer, too! Hopefully the kids will not be as afraid to get their faces wet this summer as they were last summer. ha!

I wish we had an aquarium closer to us.

We've already burned through a tub of sidewalk chalk...need to buy another one already!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Yoga in the park? I'd pay money to see you doing yoga with little ones running around ruining your zen! LOL