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April 26, 2011

Pathetic, I Know...but at Least I Learned Something

It happened gradually.

The girls first tagged along with me to my monthly hair appointment about a year and a half ago for Baby A’s first haircut. Six months later, they joined me again, both needing a trim.

Within the past six months, their hair has started growing so fast. They’re now coming with me for a trim every six weeks. And Hubby tags along to help juggle.

It happened so gradually that I didn’t immediately notice that something was missing from my world. It wasn’t until I found myself really looking forward to my dentist appointment that it dawned on me…

…where did my “me” time go?

Isn’t going to the salon supposed to be relaxing? Isn’t it a mama’s chance to sit back, maybe flip through a magazine, catch up with her hairdresser, and enjoy someone playing with her hair?

I know one day I’ll reclaim my hair appointment as mine. But until then, I guess I’ll have to make the most of my dental visits. The Little People can’t follow me there.

I had my dental cleaning yesterday, and – as much as is possible with someone’s hands in your mouth – I had a riveting conversation with my dentist.

We extolled the virtues of different kinds of floss…waxed versus unwaxed…satin glide…traditional floss versus dental picks.

[I think I might try those dental picks. Particularly during the winter months, I struggle with dry skin on my hands. I’ve gotten quite a few dental floss cuts on my forefingers, and I think those picks would eliminate that risk.]

And I always pick his brain on questions about the girls’ dental health. I thought I’d pass along this tidbit I learned…

He said that most pediatric cavities he sees are in the molars, usually between the teeth…and in the front teeth.

For the molars, it’s important to start flossing as early as possible. For the front teeth, watch how your kiddos are drinking…I’ve read that straws are actually helpful in getting liquids past the front teeth.

So there.

From me to you.

What I learned at the dentist…made possible since I was intent on making the most of the adult conversation time.

It’s a little pathetic, I know…but at least I learned something.


Andrea said...

That's not's called appreciating any me time available! No matter the circumstances.

Your girls hair is to sweet btw!

Have a great Tuesday!

Mandy said...

See, you're dentist time alone is almost up. My dentist said after two they'll start going to the dentist. There's always the GYN right? I mean you have well over a decade till you have to share that!! LOL!

Quadmama said...

I go to one of those discount salons that's open every day of the week (it's all about the budget), so I'm able to go on Sundays. The women there always ask me to bring the girls with me. My answer: I rarely get alone time. Let me enjoy this one thing!

Beth said...

I had to laugh at this because I am right there with you. I was at a dr appt recently. I was sitting in the waiting room flipping through a magazine enjoying the quiet. The receptionist told me the dr was running a bit behind-- and I got excited! More quiet 'me' time. Pathetic, but true.
Your information worried me though. I am good about brushing the kids' teeth, but I do not floss them. Well, I guess we'll see how that goes tonight.

Anonymous said...

you know what i took from this? YOU get to go to get your hair done monthly?? i have not been to the salon since December! ....hmmmmm.... i think i need to schedule an apt! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

There's no way all 3 of mine could wait while I got my hair done (I usually do color, too) so I schedule 1 appt for all 3 of them, then make my own appt in the evening - usually around their bedtime so I don't really miss much time with them.

I love my hair dresser and enjoy getting to chat with her or read the latest People magazine!

Soon though...the girls will be heading to the Dentist too...

April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month to Autism.

reanbean said...

I just wrote a somewhat similar post about needing some real me time. It can be so hard to find these days, but I've realized over the last few frazzled and stress-crazed weeks that it really is so important to make that time. I suppose it's easiest to get it all done at once, but perhaps every now and then you could make a hair appointment just for you and then take the girls to their own appointment at another time. I only get my hair cut about 3 times a year (and always alone), but I always look forward to that shampoo and hair massage. Much better me time than a dentist appointment in my book.

As for the advice, I think it's interesting that we were given very different advice about flossing our kids' teeth. The dentist I spoke to said we didn't need to floss at this age because there is still so much space between the teeth. He said it will become important once the permanent teeth come in, but for now, not to worry about it. Do you floss A's and B's? How does that go? I'm wondering if I should try it every now and then just to get them used to that being a part of the routine. Hmmm.....