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April 2, 2011

Anniversary of a Milestone Week

Hubby’s Spring Break starts today. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t have any big plans, but we’re hoping to do a few fun things in and around town.

I was just thinking back to this week last year, when we had the same game plan…no big plans…but I remember that week as being full of so many fun milestones.

We took the girls shopping for their first pair of shoes.

While we were at the mall, we fed the girls lunch in a restaurant for the first time, off the menu. We were so awkward, carrying their high chairs in with us! I also had a bag of food to supplement what we ordered, including two avocados…can you say messy?!!! The girls were still taking bottles, too, so I had to heat those in cups of hot water.

And when we got home with our shoes, of course we had to take the girls for their first walk in the neighborhood, hand in hand. I remember they were a little freaked out over the feel of grass under their feet, but they were otherwise so proud of themselves, and we of them!

That week we also transitioned the girls from their carriers to full-size [rear-facing] car seats. I know that is so much more comfortable for them, but sometimes I STILL miss the convenience of loading up those carriers in the comfort of my kitchen and swinging them over my arm.

Later that week, we took the girls for their very first taste of ice cream at a local dairy barn. It was met with mixed reviews…I think they wanted to like it, but my guess is that the cold was too much for them.

Time is such a funny creature. In some ways these events seem like eons ago (bottles???)…but in other ways, I can remember like yesterday the girls at once wanting and not wanting that ice cream.

This week, we’ll make our bi-annual shopping trip for new shoes. I’m certain we’ll buy something very similar to the girls’ first two pairs – basic lace-up tennis shoes. At 27 months, Baby A still can’t be trusted with Velcro for more than a moment.

While we’re shopping, we’ll have a nice lunch, but the only “supplement” I’ll be packing is some fresh fruit to round out the girls’ meal.

Weather permitting (PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!), we’ll spend some nice time together outdoors. The grass doesn’t intimidate the girls anymore, though. In fact, they love to RUN on it (especially if there’s a soccer ball in sight!).

We’ll load the girls in their still-rear-facing car seats for an anniversary trip to the dairy barn. They’ve decided they’re rather fond of ice cream (!!!), and I’ll bet they’ll be all about seeing the cows this year.

And what other milestones might we cross this week? Well, we’re planning to shop for a swing set for the backyard!

We’re looking forward to a fun, family-focused week. I can’t begin to imagine what Spring Break will hold for us next year…only time will tell!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

How cute! Did you have to look back in your blog to remember or how do you?

I can't remember a thing if it's not on the blog? I go back to check when they've been sick, etc.

Love the ice-cream pic!!! Precious.

Now tell me, how long is Spring Break?

Andrea said...

I still remember reading your posts about the girls first pair of shoes! :) I love the ice cream picture! Too cute!

You will love having a swing set in your backyard...the girls probably will too! ;-) My kids love it! Your girls are the age that Molly and Luke really started appreciating the fun to be had! Yeah, so excited you you all!

I hope spring break rocks!!!

Jenner said...

Time really goes by too fast! All of your milestones sound like my own little girl's... she is 25 months old now. Where did all of that time go?

Anonymous said...

the time does go by sooo fast! i was just thinking the other day that i really miss the infant carriers. they are just now over the weight limit, but we needed to switch them to bigger seats before all of our car trips last summer!! they were 11 months!

i have yet to order off the menu for the kids. they just don't seem to like to try new least T. he'd be happy to eat baby food forever, i think!

any ideas for food for them?? i feel like i'm totally stalled.

sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome week. i hope the weather cooperates :)

Beth said...

Isn't it amazing the difference a year makes?!? I love looking back and seeing the difference.

I had to laugh-- mine had a similar first reaction to ice cream, but they sure got over that fast!

Enjoy spring break with your hubby and little ladies!

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for Spring Break!!! Mine started today, too!! Yippeee!!!!

The kiddos and I will likely do some fun things this week - meet up with some friends for a play date or two. I have a massage planned for Monday. We're going to an indoor water park as a family one day and then hubby and I get a weekend away to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks early. I. Can't. Wait!!!!!

April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog to Autism all month long.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I love that look back...bottles = never again!!!

reanbean said...

I hope you're having a wonderful week with Hubby at home. We still have another week and a half until T's spring break. It's already filling up with activities, but I can't wait!