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April 14, 2011

I Do Love Me Some Adverbs

When I was in school, English class was pretty easy for me. I was fortunate that my parents used proper grammar at home. Between that and reading lots of books, I didn’t have to memorize too many verb tenses…I could just follow my gut as to what “sounded” right in those eighth grade fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Since the girls were born, I’ve made a concerted effort to speak properly at home. I’ve even worked to curb a couple of my lazy Southern habits…namely, using lie / lay correctly; and saying, “I’m sitting on the floor,” (as opposed to "in” the floor).

Over the past few months, I’ve been so delighted to hear the girls’ communication skills blossom…and to witness some good, old-fashioned grammar in action.

At 27 months, the girls still often refer to themselves in third person, and they don’t always get the subject-verb agreement right, but my heart sings when I hear them using certain adjectives and adverbs.

In the mornings, when the girls come downstairs to find their baby dolls and stuffed dogs and bears, I often hear them saying, “Baby slept well.” And when Baby B was sick last week, she was crying, “I don’t feel well!

Baby B has taken to saying the phrase, “That’s very helpful.” I can’t help but laugh at that grown-up comment from her tiny little self. She also told me last week, “Let’s read this book quickly.” I think she was trying to squeeze in one more tome before naptime.

The girls are incorporating words like “probably” and “actually” into their speech, which is so darn cute. And within the last couple of weeks they’ve pointed out several cars on our walks, saying, “That similar to Daddy’s!

And I can’t help but be proud when I hear them tell their dollies, “Lie down, baby.”

I am beginning to see the fruits of my grammar labor, and I love what I’m hearing.

Now if I can just keep reminding myself not to lapse into my best Forrest Gump impression too often…”I do love me some shrimp!”…then maybe the girls will have an easy time in their English classes one day, too.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Aaaah, they are so sweet and you should be proud of their language skills.

(I say keep the "love me some shrimp" just to keep things exciting) :)

Andrea said...

Too deserve to be proud!

reanbean said...

They sound like great little talkers! :o)

I'm still constantly impressed with all the new vocabulary my guys pick up weekly. It's so cute to see them using big words and grown-up phrases correctly. BUt it also makes me sad to know that there are so many little ones who don't get these experiences. Having spent many years in elementary education, I know that Tiny already has a more extensive vocabulary than some of the little ones I've worked with. And it's so hard to make up for lost time once their thrown into the mainstream classroom. Sigh...

My point being, you're doing great, Mama! :o)

olusola said...

actually, I know, it's so easy to slide into Forest Gump at just the wrongest time.

Miss Megan said...

Brilliant!! So glad your efforts are paying off!! You should be so proud momma! =)

Beth said...

Yes! I love grammar and vocabulary! My 5 yo's kindergarten teacher told me his vocabulary is years ahead-- I was so proud. I think reading is such an asset for learning language.

"similar to Daddy's"? Wow! That is impressive. Well done girls and well done Mommy!

Mandy said...

I'm the grammar nazi at work, people hate me! Not that I always stick to the rules but there is no need to massacre the language. I can't wait for my girls start talking, this twin-speak is putting a damper on our language development.

I can't help but worry you're trying to strip them of their southern charm!!

Jenner said...

Proper English is very important to me. I find myself continually correcting others. (yea, I'm THAT annoying person) I was just telling hubby the other night though that I still confuse lay and lie. Although I must have been taught the difference in school at some point, I don't know of anyone that uses the words correctly.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

"similar?" your kids are geniuses!

i have to admit, while most of their speech is grammatically correct, i'm a sucker for hearing a kid utter "i don't feel good..."

what can i say?